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3 Free Tools To Help Your Images Pop

Images, graphics, photos, and videos are all powerful tools to get your message noticed. Social media has put more demands than ever before to be able to create and share images in your online activities.

The challenge is that the pro-level tools like Photoshop are time-consuming to learn and unless you use them every day, hard to remember what to do. Outsourcing your graphics needs is always a solution if you have a need that you can plan for.

I am sharing 3 free tools that allow me to accomplish three of the most common tasks that I want to do on an almost daily basis.

  1. Removing a background in a photo. A photo is a compelling and required part of much of today’s communication, and there are numerous sites that can help you find an ideal image for your message (see #2 below). Often the image is perfect but the background is not helpful. This tool – Remove.bg helps remove the background from your photo, allowing you to either use the modified image on its own or to place it on top of another image with a more desirable background.
  2. Finding a photo with re-use rights for almost any topic. Finding a perfect image can be costly, either in a purchase price or when an owner like Getty Images sends you a legal bill for thousands for using a photo they own without permission. This is never again a problem when you use any photo from Unsplash. Enter in a topic or search term and you will find hundreds or even thousands of images you are free to use, without restriction. They are all HD quality, brilliant images on most topics and subjects from all over the world. You will love this site – visit and bookmark. It is always in an open tab on my computer.

Resizing an image to fit any need. You are going to love this one! You have a perfect image, but then you realize that it has the wrong dimensions for the platform and use you have in mind. Square, wide, tall, lots of sizes and layouts needed for an effective post or share. You drag your image into the tool and it adjusts the image to every size and shape, for every social platform – one click!

This free tool – Promo Image Resizer – gives you drag and click ease to resize for any dimensions you require. Have one image that you want to use for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and then want to use it as a cover image on any one or more of these platforms? This tool is for you. I think you will find a use for this every day. This original image is 3456 × 2304 pixels.




I hope you get as much use and benefit out of these free tools as I do. Each one is free, powerful and extremely useful in day-to-day use.