30 Web Tools in 30 Days 2013 Series

30 Web Tools in 30 Days 2013 Edition

This marks the fourth year that I have done my 30 Tools in 30 Days campaign in September. It is back again this year with a new crop of web tools to help anyone involved in sales, marketing or growing a business. I have been building this year’s tools for many months and I am very excited to introduce these fresh tools to you beginning Wednesday September 4th.

Each day you will learn about a tool that is utilizing some of the most innovative thinking, leading-edge technology solutions that I have seen since I started Fill the Funnel over six years ago. These tools are appropriate for a single person entrepreneur, a sales pro in an enterprise company and even for someone who wants to build their reputation and business connections online. There is something for everyone, and I promise, there will be tools that you might have been wishing for but could not find.

As I did last year, I have compiled all of these tools and information into an eBook that will be available at the end of the campaign. If you would like to receive your own copy, click below.

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You will also be invited to several webinars, Google Hangouts and special offers throughout the month. I have done my best to make it worth bookmarking and coming back each day to learn about one of the cool new tools in the 2013 Edition of 30 Tools in 30 Days.

Please note that none of the tools featured during this campaign, or ever for that matter, paid to be included. I do not charge advertising fees for inclusion or mention. I feel that it allows me to be unbiased in my writing and not driven to promote or share based on how much I get paid by the tool provider. I do ask for free, unlimited access to the tools to do my writing and evaluations, and so that I can demo them during presentations, training and consulting I do throughout the year. Infrequently, I will receive a small fee from the sale of an individual tool, about the price of one of my Starbucks mocha’s. If that is the case, I will note it in the post specifically.

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