30 Web Tools in 30 Days Launches September 1st

30 Web Tools in 30 Days Launches September 1st

We have been working hard to bring you the 2010 edition of our annual 30 Web Tools in 30 Days series.  Why should you follow this series?

“There has to be training on this new way of thinking.  There has to be an upgrading of skills.  As an individual, I would not wait for my company to invest in me.  I would begin educating myself immediately.”

Jill Konrath
Speaker & Author
SNAP SELLING, Selling to Big Companies & Get Back to Work Faster

Our expanded coverage this year includes:

  • Expanded Reviews in the blog – a new web tool in the blog each day during September.
  • Internet Radio Reviews – Learn about the features of selected web tools directly from the vendor.
  • Streaming Video Reviews – Watch, listen and interact during live demo’s of these game-changing Web Tools.

Register below and receive the following:

  • eBook of the 2009 edition of 30 Web Tools in 30 Days.
  • eBook of the 2010 edition of 30 Web Tools in 30 Days when it becomes available later this fall.
  • Exclusive offers from many of the Web Tools featured during the month.
  • Invitations to Workshops, Webinars, Panel Discussions and local events focused on Web Tools.

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