5 Secrets to Driving Salesforce Adoption

5 Secrets to Driving Salesforce Adoption

Salesforce is the dominant CRM solution, bar none. It has grown into an empire of interconnected tools, services and content all focused on improving the sales profession and increasing results. One of the key factors to the success and popularity of Salesforce is it’s App Exchange, where it has invited business partners from around the world to create add-on functionality and information that all feed off of, and into the Salesforce engine.


One of the most popular and productive companies that has built amazing results using this idea is Cirrus Insight.

Cirrus Insight has been a must-have tool for salespeople who want to work faster and smarter. It’s a plugin for Gmail and Outlook that automatically updates Salesforce as you work. And it brings Salesforce customer intelligence and key CRM features into the inbox where you work.

Favorite features include the ability to track email opens, clicks, and replies; book meetings with prospects in one click by email; merge Salesforce email templates; and sync emails and calendar events with Salesforce. As a result, Cirrus Insight is the second highest customer rated sales application of all-time on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Register NowI am excited to host a Web Demonstration on Wednesday, March 2nd to highlight there amazing tools. I will be joined by Jason Hubbard, Vice-President of Marketing from Cirrus Insight and he will be showing off the most popular features of their tools and also introducing attendees to their newest addition, Inbox Apps™ for Cirrus Insight which allows you to access the best salesforce AppExchange apps right inside your inbox.

In this short, focused broadcast, attendees will learn:
• Increase Salesforce adoption by 60%
• Boost logged activities in Salesforce by 10x
• Create complete leads or contact records in Salesforce in as little as two clicks
• Know who’s opening your emails and clicking on your links
• Sync your Salesforce and Google/Outlook calendar to minimize manual data entry

Click the Register Now button above and make sure that you are live to see this for yourself. If this date/time is not possible for you, register and I will make sure that you get a link to the replay.

You will leave with action-oriented ideas that you can use immediately to improve your sales results. Sign up, you have only upside to gain!