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5 Things Preventing You From Executing Your Brilliant Idea

5 Things Preventing You From Executing Your Brilliant Idea.

Constantly coming up with great ideas but never seeing any of them through is a problem that many people face. You have a brilliant idea that you are excited about and you promise yourself that you will see it off the ground but never do. Something always gets in the way. A new “promising” idea comes along. Someone shows up with a more attractive proposal, or you feel you are still not ready yet.

Remember that the only way of knowing whether or not your idea is the key to your breakthrough is by acting on it. Bear in mind that as you delay to execute your plan or project, someone else is thinking about doing the same thing that you intend to do and has already started. That is why years after debating whether or not acting is a smart move you find that someone else has already turned that same idea that you have into a multi-million-dollar venture.

The only thing that differentiates you from the individual who keeps soaring higher and continues turning ideas into realities is execution. So, avoid overthinking things and holding unending debates with yourself. Realize that your idea is begging you for execution and begin right away.

Here’s What’s Stopping You From Executing Your Brilliant Idea.

1 > Self-doubt.

Lack of confidence is the worst enemy of progress because it isn’t much you can achieve when you constantly doubt yourself and think you don’t have what it takes. “I may be aiming too high” “Not with my current situation” are expressions you need to cut off from your life. Acting on your plan, idea, or goal demands a certain level of confidence in yourself as well as your ability to achieve. Therefore, get rid of self-doubt by substituting negative phrases with positive ones. For instance, “I can do this” and “This is a brilliant idea and I am proud to bring it to life.”

2 > Assuming you have nothing new to offer.

One thing that’s preventing you from executing your idea, plan, or starting your new project is assuming that you don’t have anything new to offer. “Someone else has already done this” “So and so are already doing this and going strong. They have already set a high standard. How can I beat that?” are phrases that won’t get you far in your bid to succeed. Remember that there is always something new to offer.

It doesn’t matter how many people have come before you or how many are succeeding in what you desire to accomplish. There is always that certain uniqueness that you can bring to the table because you have your way of doing things and you are unique.

3 > Not having a plan.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin

Having a brilliant idea is nothing without execution and execution is wise when you have a solid plan in place. Not having a plan is one of the main things stopping you from working on your idea because it gives rise to “What if this fails?” or “What if this isn’t the way to go?”

On the other hand, if you have a well-researched plan in place, executing your idea becomes easy and you don’t allow self-doubt to get in the way of acting because you know which steps to take. You have faith in your strategy and you recognize that if things don’t turn out the way you are expecting, you can always make changes as you go.

4 > Trying to do things on your own.

All ideas demand a certain level of commitment, feedback, counsel, and can only be a success when you receive guidance from people who have already walked the road you are on. Trying to do everything on your own without seeking counsel or without delegating certain tasks is the reason why certain concepts fail. You may be in the habit of doing things on your own and now that brilliant idea you have demands you involve other people and so you don’t know where to begin.

Know that executing your thoughts is easier and more practical when you involve other people where there is a need. When you delegate specific tasks and work with the right people, executing your brilliant ideas becomes possible because you are there to cheer each on and hold each other accountable.

5 > Failing to prioritize.

How many times have you thought, “I don’t have enough time” or “There is no way I can balance this?” Probably countless times. However, the truth is, there is always enough time to continue with your 9-5, work on your side project, as well as execute that great idea you’ve had for months.

You just have to learn to prioritize your work. Decide what’s important and focus on it. Get rid of distractions, figure out what can wait, and set it aside for later.

If you don’t have priorities, anything that comes along is good enough. You find yourself constantly working under pressure, you are forced to put off acting on your ideas despite how much faith you have in them, and you assume your concept is not as important as everything else when it is.

What else holds you back from moving forward with your brilliant idea?