A New Tool The Big Dogs Are Using To Maximize LinkedIn

A New Tool The Big Dogs Are Using To Maximize LinkedIn

Been on LinkedIn for years? Confident that you have all the core fundamentals down cold?  If so, then this post is for you!

 Digital Postcards by Storyquest is a fresh new tool that leverages all the hard work you have put into your LinkedIn Profile. Your customers have not seen it before and it definitely catches their attention. It utilizes all the dominant marketing trends including:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Content
  • Context

Digital Postcards delivers information that your prospects and customers find useful.  By automagically integrating the information you have in your LinkedIn Profile, your message will easily stand out from the crowd of automated scripts, mass mailings and social media blasts. You are able to focus your message down to a specific individual if desired.

If you struggle to get your prospects to actually respond to your outreach in other forms, Digital Postcards will be a pleasant surprise by driving up response rates and engagement and help you get the attention of the decision-makers that you want to meet with.

What can you do with Digital Postcards?

  • Share your voice, face and message – Re-purpose either existing video from your webcam or use a YouTubevideo, images, or a combination, then add your voice as appropriate and voila’, you have a personalized video message.
  • Give context and Personality to your content – by adding links, PDF’s. Proposals or other multi-media documents along with your personal message.
  • Real-time tracking and analytics (you might not like this stuff but I’ll bet your boss will!) – receive notification by email immediately when a prospect views your message. See exactly what they clicked on when they clicked.
  • Mobile friendly – touch optimized and mobile video ensures that your message gets noticed without the frustration of formatting errors, or playback problems on your iPhone.
  • Drive Demand – Include eye-catching calls to action and even include a data capture form if appropriate. What ever you can do on the web, you can do on your Digital Postcards.
  • Follow-up quickly and get more meetings – follow-up quickly with leads and customers pre-meeting, post-meeting and even with your business partners involved in complex sales.
  • Connect and use info within your LinkedIn Profile – everything you have in your LinkedIn Profile can be shared in your postcard. You can even have a link to your full profile.

Digital Postcards best feature is it’s easy, straight-forward setup and use. You can have your first Digital Postcard up and running within minutes. Register and attend the live demo on September 10th and see how easy and intuitive it is to get started. Learn why all the heavy hitters are using Digital Postcards.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Register for the Webinar and get access to your free trial
  2. Create your first Digital Postcard and share the link with everyone in the comments below.
  3. Watch the analytics and real-time tracking and learn how your customers and prospects respond.

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