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A New Way Of Empowering Your Content

If you are involved in any online business activity you understand the importance of content. Content drives lead-generation, advertising, reputation, traffic, SEO and revenue.

Staying ahead of the trends, preferences and effective practices to connect with your customers is an important part of successful online sales and marketing.

MSGLock builds Email & Messenger Leads from INSIDE your blog posts, PDF’s, eBooks and videos!


Let me address the #1 question on your mind: “How is MSGLock different to any other content locking platforms?” Let me cut right to it.

There are 4 main reasons why MSGLock is different

Reason #1: Collecting Messenger Subscribers
All other content locking solutions only allow you to collect email leads. MSGLock gives your customers the option to collect Messenger subscribers and Email leads in order to unlock their content.
This is important, as it allows them to diversify not only how they build their audience, but how they can double up on reaching their audience while Messenger continues to boom.
Reason #2: All-in-One Platform
Other content-locking solutions offer one way to lock content. This is not meant to bash other platforms, their solutions work well. However, nothing has been released as an all-in-one solution before.
We allow your customers to lock content 4 different ways (covering ALL their marketing)!
– Text content (blog posts, articles etc)
– Lead magnets (locking lead magnet files in-line during content)
– PDF files (lock content inside the actual PDF files)
– Video (lock videos on any website or landing page)
Reason #3: Locks Content DURING Consumption
Other content locking solutions are outdated. MSGLock offers a fresh new way of locking content. Instead simply locking your content before your prospect consumes it (such as an opt-in page), actually allow them to read or view your content and lock it during consumption while engagement is high (this technology spans across all 4 ways we allow your customers to lock their content).
This leads to a higher conversion rate, a more qualified lead, fewer fake email addresses and obviously for the reasons I just mentioned – more sales (on both email & Messenger platforms).
Reason #4: Customizable & Integrations
Other content locking solutions aren’t very versatile and don’t let you customize your locking experience. MSGLock has plenty of room for your customers to make the locking experience their own.
On top of that, MSGLock works with all websites, landing pages, page builders, major video platforms as well as all third-party Messenger bot platforms.
Reason #5: Sticking with the times… 
One additional point. The way content is consumed is ever-changing and simply trying to provide valuable content upfront doesn’t secure you any long-term attention.
In an age where huge companies are spending millions of dollars on building addictive loops to keep you coming back, it’s evident that it’s becoming harder to secure long-term attention.
The moment someone leaves your blog post or video, you’re forgotten. Harsh, but for the most part true.
MSGLock solves this problem by collecting the lead (on two of the most prominent platforms) DURING consumption, not before and not after.

Stay in front of the lead-generation market – get MSGLock here.