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A Teleprompter For Your Smartphone

Having the ability to have your outline, bullet points, or a full script be overlayed on your phone’s video recording screen is finally here! No more getting lost in your presentation, no more forgetting key points. Combining the mobility and ease of use recording video from your phone, and having your script scrolling your on your screen is a powerful combination that opens up new doors of opportunity.


This teleprompter app is available on both Android and Apple devices from a simple download from each vendor’s store. Just log in to the app using the credentials you received when you purchase, and you are good to go.

For those that are creating courses and training programs, you now have the ability to film the work you are doing with your forward-facing lens while staying on script with the teleprompter. Teaching a cooking lesson, tying a fly for fishing, or any how-to training is now much easier to accomplish.

I am running a series of 20-minute demo webinars where you can see for yourself all the features and how easy it is to use.