How to Add Some Fun and 'Character' to Your Presentations and Videos

How to Add Some Fun and ‘Character’ to Your Presentations and Videos

Sales can be intense. Changing up the tone to lighten your message can be helpful. Todays tools are designed to bring a smile to your audience, while actually getting them to pay closer attention to the message you are delivering.

I’d like to introduce you to my new friends, Viddy Ogres.  Video MonsterThere are 40 characters, and each one comes in 3 animation formats. Each character also comes with dozens of still poses to use anywhere you use graphics.

I picked up my copy a few days ago and have had a ball incorporating them into Powerpoint slide decks, sales videos, a couple of eBooks I am working on, and social media posts.

Viddy Ogres helps you create highly engaging videos and presentations in minutes… with 400+ done-for-you monster character animations!  Let’s get this on the table first – it is less than $20.

Here is what you get with Viddy Ogres:

  • 400+ monster character Animations in dynamic poses & fabulous look for your videos!
  • 400+ static character images to boost your website engagement & conversions!
  • Start creating attention-greabbing videos and presentations that stand out from anyone else
  • All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you!

Why should you use animated characters?

why use Animated Characters

With 400+ characters and poses I won’t try and show you them all here. Click here to review all 400 and see videos of each of them in action.

Check these cute little monsters out.  I’ve thrown in a few extra bonuses that will help you get even more from these graphics.

Here is another of the 40 characters in the package highlighting some of the animations that they come with.

I’ll bet you will find a creative use for them in your work. Lighten up a little, your audience will enjoy the change.

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