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All-in-One or A la Carte?

All-in-one or A la carte, which approach do you prefer when selecting your technology tools?

My personal preference over time has been the A la carte method, selecting specific tools from a table of choices. This allows me to pick the best fit for my needs at the time, and yet allow me to switch when something better comes along or my needs change.

That preference has been changing over the last year or two as many of these technologies are maturing, and my needs are evolving.

An example of this is my preference for websites – WordPress without any hesitation. Flexible, a myriad of choices to customize and tailor the site for my specific needs and costs that are well within the reach of most entrepreneurs.

What I have come to realize that although WordPress is more than capable, many times my clients simply don’t have the time nor aptitude to jump into the learning curve that is required. Their desire is to get a site up, a course online, and an email capability fast but that also looks good. In other words, an all-in-one solution.

There are many of these platforms that have come to the market over the last several years such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, Leadpages, and recently Kyvio. I am currently diving deeply into Kyvio and will be releasing new courses and content on that platform in the near future, and will let you know when available to check it out.

There is an even fresher approach that is on the way, being integrated into my personal favorite email service – GetResponse.

They are rolling out Autofunnel as I write this. It provides all the most requested features and capabilities of a modern website wrapped around one of the most popular email services.

GetResponse Autofunnel – Try It Free for 30 Days

Here is what is included in this bundle:

First, generate some traffic

For the first time, you’re getting powerful traffic-generation tools inside your GetResponse account.

  • Facebook Ads – you’ll be able to set up your Facebook and Instagram Ads right inside your GetResponse account to drive quality traffic to your pages. Define your target group, set up your budget and add ad content. Then monitor your campaigns and optimize to make sure you’re getting the best performance.
  • Social Ads Creator (aka Beam) – use ready-made templates tailored to your business and create stunning animations for your social profiles and ads in minutes – even if you’re not a designer. All from an app on your phone – at no extra cost.

Send traffic to your awesome-looking landing pages

  • Industry-specific landing pages – with Autofunnel, you get brand-new landing page templates that are optimized for conversion, designed for your industry, and filled with ready-made content you can customize to your needs.

Convert your visitors to subscribers and leads

  • Built-in web forms – they’re built into your landing pages and automatically set up for your campaign – you just add the fields you need.
  • Exit-intent popups – they’re a great tool to get more conversions from your signup pages by capturing the email addresses of visitors who are about to leave your page. And again – they’re automatically set up for your pages. All you do is customize the content.

Nurture your contacts and turn them into your raving fans

  • Email marketing – Welcome your contacts right after they’ve signed up and keep sending them engaging, automated emails to get them ready to buy.
  • Webinars – Run free or paid webinars for your audience – they’re seamlessly integrated with your pages and emails, no need for third-party webinar software or browser plugins.

Get them to buy your products

  • Conversion-focused sales pages – customize your sales page and order form templates in seconds to sell your products and services online.
  • Stores for your products – Add and manage your digital and physical products in GetResponse – and automatically include them on your pages and in your emails.
  • E-commerce integrations – Connect your shopping cart and import your products from Etsy, Stripe, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.

Win them back if they abandon their order

  • Abandoned order emails – Convince people to complete the orders they left behind by sending them perfectly-timed emails you don’t even have to set up (yes, they’re entirely automated, too.)

Get paid!

  • Payment processors – Connect to Stripe, PayPal, BlueSnap, PayU without leaving the app, and sell your products and services right on your GetResponse pages.
  • Automated order confirmations – Send an order confirmation email within seconds of the purchase – without lifting a finger.

All of this will soon be available in your GetResponse account – streamlined into one smooth and easy process. You won’t have to log in to multiple platforms, open multiple tabs in your browser, or pay for multiple services to do what really is one sales process.

Funnels for your industry

With Autofunnel, you’ll get 40+ conversion-optimized scenarios written and designed by industry experts to sell, build contact lists, showcase your offers, and help you grow.

They’re perfect for local businesses, e-commerce shop owners, ebook writers, coaches, designers, photographers, event planners, and more. Each scenario features high-quality images, designs, and professional marketing copy – add some details about your business and offers and you’re good to go.

Learn More – GetResponse Autofunnel

As you can see, there is a lot here. It is brand new, being rolled out in batches of 100 customers at a time. If you are thinking of starting or expanding your online ventures, this is worth checking out.