Appointment Calendar Removes Calendar Tag From Your Life

Appointment Calendar Removes ‘Calendar Tag’ From Your Life

One of the biggest time wasters in a business day is the back and forth of finding a date and time that you can meet with your customer. I used to waste an hour or more each week playing this ‘calendar tag’ and I’ll bet you are probably doing the same thing. It is not only a time-waster for me but my clients had grown frustrated with the process as well. Appointment calendars are usually a frustration for the sales person/business and for the customer.

[tweet_box design=”box_01″] is an electronic appointment calendar that will immediately get rid of the scheduling headache for you and your customers.[/tweet_box]

It has one of the cleanest, easiest to use and understand interfaces I have found, and the customization and options are very robust. It takes three easy steps and you are ready to get that hour of lost time each week back.

Appointment Calendar Steps is booking software that integrates with your Google or iCloud Calendar.  Once you create your account, you will get a personalized scheduling page so your customers can book you online. There are multiple choices for which plan you would like to use, including a free plan that will work for most of you without any limits.

Appointment calendar features that you get with the FREE plan:

  • Embed your scheduling page on a website
  • Sharable to any social media platform including LinkedIn via a custom link
  • Automatic confirmation messages to your customer that you customize to fit your business
  • Take credit card payments within your scheduler if that is how your business works (consulting or services paid in advance)
  • Works with both Google and iCloud calendars
  • You control what days and times are available and how much lead time you require to book
  • You can offer multiple appointment lengths based on your business
  • You can select to send SMS/Text message reminders if you desire
  • Customizable calendars to integrate with your branding
  • Mobile-friendly so available to anyone, anywhere
  • …and several more

Remember, these are all included with the FREE plan. Premium, Professional and Business accounts add an impressive list of additional capabilities unseen until now. The free version only allows you one calendar, but come on, are you using more than one anyway?

[tweet_box design=”box_01″]The customization and flexibility of this appointment calendar is very impressive.[/tweet_box]

Watch the video below and you will see some very creative ways to present your schedule to prospects and clients.

This is a short (1:42 minute) video that should be all you need to motivate you to go over to and get your free account set up.

Your appointment calendar will go from a headache and time-waster to an important business tool that will increase both your revenue and your customer satisfaction. Grab a free account from and get that hour of your week back.