Attitude And It's Impact On Your Success

Attitude And It’s Impact On Your Success

Good Vs Bad Attitude Toggle Switch Choose Positive OutlookAttitude impacts every aspect of your life. Most people agree with that statement and yet your attitude can be limiting the possibilities, opportunities and results you achieve.

In the last week, I have had two conversations that highlight the upside and downside of attitude and it’s impact on our activity.

I wrote earlier this week about a tool that I called a “game-changer” called Authority Spy. I also shared it with my subscribers in my monthly Web Tools update. Many people have jumped on the special offer and grabbed a great value. Most are in sales but many are small business owners, speakers and entrepreneurs.

Here are the two conversations, paraphrased to protect identities.

Conversation #1: I don’t get this tool, is it even working? I entered in several keywords that I am an expert in and I am not showing up at all in results! I have more Twitter followers than many others that are showing up but I am not showing up. I am an expert and this thing just doesn’t work. I have a blog! I am recognized as an expert. I know more about what makes an expert than this does. I want a refund!”

Conversation #2: “This thing is awesome! I bought Authority Spy and it blew me away. We looked up several keywords that are important in our sales efforts, and wow were we surprised. Plenty of people that we know and are working with. Many that are already on our prospect list. What is the big surprise is how many people listed we had never thought of connecting with. Relationships are critical to our success and it is challenging to identify all of the players that influence our prospects and customers. I showed it to our inside team and they all wanted it. Everyone was arguing over who got to try it next – you should have seen them. I have upgraded and ordered 20 additional (outsourcer) licenses so that our inside team each gets their own copy. This is going to make a huge difference for us. Big thanks to you!”

After the first conversation I was discouraged a bit. Then the next day I had the second conversation and it brought back my smile. How can the same product create such different reactions? That question was bouncing around in my head all afternoon and into the evening.

My answer: ATTITUDE!

Conversation #1 was all focused on a pre-determined belief that she is an expert in her field. How did she come to this conclusion? She said it was so.  When Authority Spy told her that she was not as good as she thought she was, based on the facts she denied it. She is an expert damn it! What an opportunity missed. What has her attitude cost her? Instead of denying the facts, she could have looked at those that were showing in the results and explore what they were doing that she was not. By keeping an open-mind she would have realized that much of her work online is not connected. Twitter account, Facebook, Google+ are all there but not connecting back to her universally. She blogs but her blog was not showing up either – because she has ignored all the behind the scenes work that must be done to have an effective online presence. Things like Google’s Webmaster Tools that help authenticate who you are and what belongs to you. Understanding what is really happening on your website by using heat maps, and Google Analytics so that you are confident that your visitors are seeing what you want them to see.

Conversation #2 was focused on “what can we learn”. He was seeking to learn what he didn’t yet know. An open-mind made all the difference in the results. Finding out what he didn’t know was exciting to him. He embraced the data and understood how it can be used for positive results. Attitude made all the difference in the world.

My hope with this post is that it will provide a reminder to check your attitude frequently. Don’t make statements without the courage to check the facts. Our schedules and responsibilities can wear us down. It happens. Don’t shy away from considering new ideas and new approaches. Negative results can contain positive information. Maintain an open mind and keep that attitude up. Enjoy the results!

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