AuthoritySpy Is A Sales Game-Changer

AuthoritySpy Is A Sales Game-Changer

Discover and analyze Influencers in any niche! Authority Spy is the first ever Authority/Influencer search application for both Mac and PC. Find literally hundreds or thousands of authorities in a specified niche, in seconds. Read further and take advantage of something that is available ONLY for readers of Fill the Funnel.

When I created Fill the Funnel over eight years ago, I shared a powerful tool called Jigsaw to discover contact names, email addresses and direct phone numbers for those that met my specific criteria using Geography, industry, company size, title and more. Jigsaw was a game-changer for sales professionals.

AuthoritySpy is another game-changer.

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What can you do with AuthoritySpy to help your sales efforts?

  • Search the web for authoritative and influential people based on your keyword or niche you provide. This can help you identify influencers both inside and outside the company to establish and build relationships with.
  • Find and aggregate their social media profiles found from across the web. View Twitter, Google+, blog and Facebook pages with one click of your mouse. Fast, efficient and all on one screen.
  • Provide an Influencer score for each result. Sometimes those with the most influence in a company are hidden from the sales process. Wouldn’t it be great to know who the REAL influencers are?
  • Filter influencers based on specific criteria you assign. Once you have collected all the influencers, filters allow you to narrow them down with custom criteria you select
  • Build a complete picture of who the players are in your deal process. Don’t run the risk of missing a key player because you have never heard of them.

As you can imagine, AuthoritySpy can cut down on HOURS of manual research that most agree is now necessary and allow you to focus on building those relationships.

Here is a screen shot showing what you see after running AuthoritySpy on a keyword you have selected.

Authority Spy Screenshot

I have been using AuthoritySpy behind the scenes now for some time. It has made a huge impact in my business. I have developed a great relationship with the developer of this tool and have asked them to allow me to offer something very unique and special just for readers of Fill the Funnel.

Here is the deal, there are three options for AuthoritySpy available publicly. Don’t buy any of those – With this SPECIAL OFFER, you are able to grab the Platinum license and get a lifetime license WITHOUT the monthly fee. This version normally is sold for an upfront price and then an ongoing monthly fee, similar to most Software as a Service tools. I have negotiated with Mark and team at AuthoritySpy to let me offer this VERY LIMITED time price with NO monthly fees – ever! Here is the catch. This offer ends Sunday, December 14th at midnight. No false scarcity here – if you go the the AuthoritySpy site without using this link, you will not see this offer. No one else knows about it.

Be smart, grab your SPECIAL OFFER License before the countdown hits zero and improve your tool bag and sales results dramatically.




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