Beta Signup for New Mobile Video Social Networking Tool

Beta Signup for New Mobile Video Social Networking Tool

Socialcam LogoIf video is a part of your sales/marketing mix and you like to play with beta releases of new web tools, you will want to register and explore a new web tool.  Sign up here to get on the list to participate in the beta launch of Socialcam.

Expected to launch in March/2011, it will allow it’s customers to efficiently upload video content and share across their preferred social network sites while in the field using a mobile device.  It appears the business model will be similar to what has been used by photo-sharing apps like Instagram.

The creators of Socialcam have been down the video path before, having created  By learning from what didn’t work in their earlier experience and from what users where asking to do with their video, they hope that they have it right this time around.

Sign up for the beta, check it out and at least grab your name/brand for the service, providing you a platform for future use if you are not ready to jump into mobile video today.  We will post a full review once we get the clearance to do so.

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