Book of Lists Still Valuable in Age of Jigsaw, Zoominfo and InsideView?

Book of Lists Still Valuable in the Age of Jigsaw, Zoominfo and InsideView?

I received an email today announcing the availability of the Puget Sound Book of Lists (American City Business Journals). Every major city probably has one of these publications available in print, CD or download format.  It was not too long ago that this was my most significant source of customer and prospect data for my location in Seattle.  I would go through every page, yellow highlighter in hand, and develop my sales focus for the year.  Did you ever do the same?

What struck me when the email arrived this afternoon, was my reaction – – “who cares?”  Printed version at $65.00 here in Seattle! CD is available for only $169.95.  I used to write that check so fast the ink would hardly dry.  What used to be critical to me has now become irrelevant.  What about you?

I know the sales climate has been challenging for many of you, but think about the plethora of WebTools that are now at your fingertips.  Jigsaw will provide most any phone number and Email address for anyone that would want to contact.  ZoomInfo will provide missing details about the background of the contact, their work history and much more.  InsideView will give you more information about the company, it’s executives, business strategy, financials and performance than many Annual Reports.  All available to you from your desk and mouse.

The question for you to consider and answer honestly is:

“Are you taking advantage of all of these tools and the power that they possess to inform and educate about the hidden needs of your prospects and customers?”

If the answer is no, why not?  Why not take advantage of the tremendous capabilities that these tools offer you?  How much is the lack of sales results due to the economy and how much is due to your lack of learning new tools and techniques in your profession.  Are you using this new generation of WebTools to increase your sales results?  If not, what is holding you back?  I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions.

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