BoomBar delivers leads never before possible

BoomBar Delivers Leads In New Ways

Strong, successful social media practices recommend that you share the content from other people at least 80% of the time, sharing yours the remaining 20%.  It makes sense to share helpful information from sources with high credibility and recognition.

With the release today of BoomBar, every link to a helpful post or website can include a Call to Action that you choose, adding even more value to your links. These can include links to follow you on Twitter, your LinkedIn Page,  Facebook Page  your Blog or website or even to subscribe to your newsletter. And when others share your tweets and links, your call to action is still visible to those that followed those links as well.

Here is how BoomBar works:

  1. You find a helpful article on ABCNews website
  2. You create a link to that article within BoomBar, and decide which call to action would be most relevant.
  3. You use the automatically created BoomBar short link in your Tweet, LinkedIn update, Facebook post or even in an email.
  4. Someone sees your social share and follows the link, bringing them to the information you shared.
  5. BoomBar – adds your custom message and call to action at the top of that page – in this example ABCNews.

BoomBar on ABCNews


You can have as many custom messages as you desire. Build a library of frequently used messages or create a new one for every link – you choose. The possibilities for what you can do are endless. BoomBar technology is delivering big results immediately.

One of the early users of BoomBar is a Twitter superstar, and has built a strong following on social media. Here is what he has to say about Boombar:

“BoomBar Is A Social Selling Gamechanger!  You Can Share Someone Else’s Article & Turn It Into A Lead While Doing It…  No More Leaving Social Leads Behind. ” @JackKosakowski1 

I have personally been using BoomBar for about a month now, testing different messages, colors and styles. I have tried placement of my BoomBars on top of a page and on bottom. I have used colors that match the site I am adding them to, and then tried colors that were bold, standing out from page that it was placed on.

The dashboard within BoomBar shows you how many views your link received, and how many clicks your call to action button received. I am very pleased with the results I have been getting. My subscribers were offered an opportunity to get BoomBar a week ago (another reason to subscribe) and they are getting similar results.

Here is a brief video that shows how BoomBar looks on various sites (view full screen):

Pricing for BoomBar is offered in two versions – either an annual subscription or a lifetime license. Seems like the Lifetime license is the best value from my perspective.

BoomBar is the newest addition to the Fill the Funnel family of products. I am personally using it every day and recommend it to anyone who is sharing content with those that are important to them. If you have questions, send me a note.

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