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Boost Your Email Effectiveness With This Email 2.0 Tool

Pretty much every client I work with understands that email is the most powerful tool in their arsenal when it comes to generating business results. I know this post will bring some immediate improvements to the emails you send out.

This cool new software just launched that could help transform your email marketing results…Check out the MailEngageX launch offer here

What is MailEngageX?MailEngageX brings your emails to life by adding dynamic Videos, Personalized Elements & Interactive Elements – making your emails more engaging and “clickable”…

(It also includes a 6-week training that covers real email hacks to get a higher click-through rate.)

Why am I recommending MailEngageX? Because we all want to make our emails stand out from the crowd.

Can you imagine how much more effective your email campaigns can be if you have these capabilities to take advantage of?
MailEngageX Features

While email remains the most cost-effective marketing channel, it’s no secret that competition for your customers’ attention is increasing every day. This is where MailEngageX can help…

MailEngageX gives you tons of modern ways to make your messages stand out from the crowd and engage your audience – including:

  • Personalized autoplay videos,
  • Clickable videos with mute button technology,
  • Personalized images,
  • Feedback forms,
  • Emoji ratings,
  • Timers,
  • Footers,
  • Signatures,
  • Social share buttons,
  • Self-destructing messages,
  • and email widgets

You can add any of these elements to your emails in just a few clicks…

Watch a demo of MailEngageX in action here

Bonus Live Training included with Launch Offer. The special launch offer also includes a step-by-step LIVE training where you will be trained on the 360-degree of email marketing – including REAL EMAIL hacks to get a higher click through rate.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your email marketing…

See the launch offer now.