Bunkr Can Cut Your SlideDeck Preparation Time in Half And Create Better Presentations

Bunkr Cuts SlideDeck Preparation Time And Creates Better Presentations

bunkr logoThe process of gathering content for your presentations is usually the most time-consuming task when putting together a presentation. Collecting images, quotations, video and other information sources and organizing them in a useful way stalls many a creative effort. Then, try to find this information a few months in the future when you want to re-purpose some of the resources you used in your presentation. It can be a bit frustrating and definitely quiets the enthusiasm to get started.

Think Evernote for Presentations.


Bunkr is a web tool that replaces bookmark tools, slide deck creation tools, emails and others within one simple-to-use tools. Bunkr is a cloud-based tool that works well in an individual effort or a collaborative team effort to organize all of your presentations and resources into one place, accessible by any web-enabled device for addition or retrieval. Because it is web-based there is no setup required, allowing you to focus on nothing but your presentation.

Bunkr is broken down into three main capabilities:

1.  Collect everything that you want to use in your presentation or research – save quickly and easily any web content: images, websites, videos, notes, quotes, articles, tweets and more from any website, device and application where you discover content that will be helpful.

2.  Creating your personal collection of  knowledge – having all your content in one place. You decide if it is accessible only by you or by your team as well. Either way, your information is secure By yourself or as a team, your Bunkr is private and secure. This function works similar to Evernote, providing a depository of useful information. You can find information in the future by tags, date, type, folders, collaborators or anyo other way you have labeled it. I have found one of the most useful capabilities is the ability to easily and quickly find and re-use past presentations decks, or specific slides within them, when putting together a new deck that needs to be updated or is a combination of several topics. You can benefit fro the ability to easily invite collaborators to join your Bunkr, and use their content in your presentations with a simple click.

Here is a 90 second video highlighting some of the capabilities of the Bunkr Library in action:

3.  Present your ideas on any device on any platform without delay or confusion – one of the most powerful features that you might not appreciate until you need it is the ease of creating awesome presentations that will be viewable on any platform – desk, laptop, smartphone, or tablet and any platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or others  from a simple drag & drop interface. If you love PowerPoint and PDF formats, don’t worry. You can export the presentations you create with Bunkr in these two formats, as well as in HTML5 format. It is this HTML5 format that you will come to love in the future because it is more lightweight, more powerful, and easier to share. Accessible on all devices, no software installation required. Sound good?

Why change from Powerpoint or Keynote or your current tool? Bunkr gives added value and helps you by:

  • Collect everything in one place
  • Organize and share content gathering
  • Platform independent
  • Easy to share
  • Mobile friendly
  • Capture Video/Audio/Images/PDF and other presentations
  • Public or Private access
  • Export to PPT or PDF if needed
  • No software to install or download

A helpful addition to Bunkr is their bookmarklet that you install right in the menu bar of your browser. When you find something that you want for your presentation, click it and it is added to your library instantly.

Bunkr bookmarkletPricing for Bunkr is very affordable, and a Free version is a great way to get started and then when you gain experience with it, you can move up to Pro starting at $3.00/month.

If you want to streamline your presentation creation time and effort, be able to distribute your masterpiece in a universal format, and be able to re-use everything in the future, you should be jumping on the recommended actions immediately.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Sign-up for your free Bunkr account.
  2. Install the Bunkr bookmarklet for your browser.
  3. Cut your presentation creation time in half.
  4. Send me a link to your next Bunkr presentation or list it in the comments below so others can see the results.



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