Combine LinkedIn and Outlook To Improve Productivity

Combine LinkedIn and Outlook To Improve Productivity

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LinkedIn has provided a free, easy to install web tool that connects your LinkedIn connections with Microsoft Outlook. Think of the convenience this adds by being able to:

  • Build your network from frequent contacts
  • Manage your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook
  • Stay connected to your network

In order to use this new web tool, you must have Outlook 2010, 2007, or 2003 installed.

To download this free tool directly from LinkedIn, click the button below.

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Get more info about your important contacts, see what they’re doing, and stay in touch.

If you are like me, you have Outlook open all day and the majority of your communications and scheduling is being done within Outlook. By installing the LinkedIn for Outlook plugin, you will be able to:

Access Your Connections In Your Inbox
See the latest LinkedIn activity and profile photo from any connection that sends you an e-mail.

E-mail Your Connections Directly
Just start typing a name and let the LinkedIn Outlook Connector fill in the rest.

Keep Building Your Network
Instantly send an invitation to connect from any Outlook e-mail.

It is helping me stay connected more easily, gives me fresh information about the people I am connected with, and eliminates some of the hassle out of inviting my contacts to connect with me on LinkedIn.

It’s easy to install, simple to use and it’s free. What are you waiting for? Let me know how you use it in the comments below.

 UPDATE: The following video shows you what to expect after you have downloaded the web tool and installed on your desktop.



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