Competitive Intelligence Just Got Easier with RivalIQ

Competitive Intelligence Just Got Easier with Rival IQ

When I was leading sales teams and sales meetings, one topic that was always on the agenda was

What is going on with the competition? Who are you seeing out there?”

Rival IQ LogoIf you want to track your competitors and sell more effectively then today’s tool will be of special interest. Other than asking your sales teams what they are hearing and seeing in their accounts, there have not been a lot of options to track and monitor your competitors. Rival IQ will save you time by watching your competitors so you can avoid surprises that you didn’t see coming.

How does this work?

Once you are registered, you enter 5 competitors (to start) to begin tracking by entering their domain names. Rival IQ then goes to work by going to the web and grabbing intelligence about that company. One of the benefits of using Rival IQ is that they organize all the data into a manageable and understandable Dashboard. For the purposes of this post, I entered the companies of several friends and collaborators including Heinz Marketing, Score More Sales and Smart Selling Tools rather than the actual competitors that I track every day. Thanks to each of them for allowing me to use them in this example.

Within 24 hours, usually much sooner, they magic has begun to work and your dashboard is populated with all sorts of interesting and helpful information like that shown here:

RivalIQ Dashboard

Clicking on the blue Profile link results in this display of data:

RivalIQ Drilldown Image Profile

Notice that once again there are several blue links, each holding even more detailed data. Here are the results from the Keywords link:

RivalIQ drilldown

Here is a short 4 minute video showing some of the other amazing information available simply by clicking on different links and a few examples how you might gain advantage with the information:

There is a lot more here to explore.  The team at Rival IQ have built an amazing tool here, that will gain additional functionality as they add more channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and respond to additional feedback from their Beta users. Over the years I have learned that Fill the Funnel readers are great beta testers. You understand the valuable insight that you can provide to the creators of these amazing tools. If gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage is of interest to you and your company, I recommend you sign up and explore Rival IQ.

Rival IQ is still in private Beta status, meaning that the whole world does not yet have access. John Clark, founder of Rival IQ has graciously agreed to open registration for Fill the Funnel readers for a short window of time. As a Beta user, you will have FREE access to the entire tool set for now. Rival IQ will be rolling out a pricing model, anticipated before the end of the year, but if you enter Fill the Funnel into the registration form as who you heard about Rival IQ, you will receive special consideration when the pricing goes live. So Click on the Sign Up link on the bottom of their home page and get started.

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