Create eBook Covers That Impress

Create eBook Covers That Impress

If you are a marketer, author or salesperson that counts on making a good impression with your clients, you will be interested in eCover Authority.

This is a handy tool that I have owned and used for several years now. It’s purpose is simple – it creates 3D covers  and packages for your content. Grab a copy while it is on sale and you will find you use it more often than you might think. It should be in every sales and marketing tool kit.

eBook Covers

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It is on special price for a short time but even it’s normal price is a value at $39.00

One of the best features of this tool is that you have more than 120 different styles, looks and angles to select from.

You can select 3D eBook covers and more with multiple variations for:

  • Paperbooks covers
  • Hardback covers
  • Spiral bindings
  • Reports
  • Magazines
  • DVD and CD’s
  • DVD and CD cases
  • Computer Monitors
  • Software Boxes

  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Smartphones
  • Kindle
  • TV’s
  • Laptops
  • Macbooks
  • Membership or Credit Card

Creating content is an important requirement for successful marketing and sales campaigns. Whether you are creating eBooks, Training Videos, Workbooks, or presentations, ECover Authority produces sharp, professional 3D images that work for print, web or slide presentations. I find I use the capabilities of eCover Authority at least once every week.

eBook Covers Ebook Authority featuresMany of the tools I have used in the past had limited options to select from or produced images that just weren’t top quality. eCover Authority answered all of these challenges for me.

You get lifetime access, upgrades and new options as they are released, video tutorials for every type of graphic cover or box or DVD you care to create, and plenty of images and graphics to get you started. You can also use your own graphics, logo’s or photos if you desire.

An additional feature that some overlook is the ability to combine images into a package graphic. As an example, you might be selling a training program that includes a book, a student workbook and video. Using eCover Authority, you can create an image that includes all three. Very professional and powerful.

ebook Covers eCover Authority Samples

Hopefully you can grab your copy during the promotional period but if not, the normal price is worth it. You are going to get several bonuses with your purchase during the sale as well.

I am an affiliate for eCover Authority and receive a commission from each sale. As you can tell from the price you are able to buy this at, my portion will supply my coffee habit at best, and your price is not affected in any way. Just want to make sure you are aware.
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