Dabbleboard-Whiteboard Reinvented Online

Dabbleboard-Whiteboard Reinvented Online

Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard that will help you visualize, explore and communicate ideas.  Dabbleboard feels as natural to use as a marker on a whiteboard, or a pencil on a sheet of paper. Just draw strokes on your screen and Dabbleboard will detect most common shapes and turn them into perfect shapes with just a few strokes of your mouse. If you are graphically challenged, as I am, this feature alone helps me look better in the eyes of my client.

60 Second View of Dabbleboard ease of use:

Dabbleboard Logo

Sales is a communications game.  The better your skills at communicating, both listening and talking, the better your likelihood of success.  In many sales situations, having the ability to show someone rather than just use words can make the difference between a win and a loss.

We are clearly more and more a visual society.  Your impact has been clearly demonstrated to be much higher if you incorporate a visual component into your communication.  In person or over the web, visual communication can and does make a difference.

Video Overview of Dabbleboard (watch full-screen):

Easy to use:

Click anywhere and start typing to enter text. And if you need to modify anything you’ve already drawn, all the tools are there right next to the selected objects. No more visiting the toolbar a hundred times just to make a quick diagram!

Everything you draw can be saved, resized, edited and reused in the future.  Your scribbles are transformed into crisp, professional shapes. I found this most helpful when drawing with a mouse.  It is impossible to make a nice looking circle or square, but Dabbleboard makes your work look like a million bucks.

A Microsoft Visio alternative?:

If you have tried tools like Microsoft Visio, you know how time consuming the task of drawing out a process flowchart or an org. chart to map your strategy.  Dabbleboard makes this task not only faster, but I found that I actually enjoyed working with it.

One of the unanticipated uses that I have discovered using Dabbleboard is when brainstorming, either on my own or collaborating with others online or offline.  I am a visually-oriented person, always grasping concepts and challenges more quickly if I have a visual element to work with.  When working on a new concept or strategy, Dabbleboard has been a noticeable help by allowing me to “think” and “talk” by drawing  on the screen. It seems to allow others to get my point sooner, and to offer other views and alternatives in the natural flow of the conversation.


You’ve several options to consider, including Free, Pro or Live.  Live is the Web-based service and includes the Pro desktop version.  My recommendation is to select the Pro version, use it for free for 30 days, and put it to the test.  The live version might be the best value if collaborating with others over the internet is a frequent need.

I have reviewed other online whiteboard web tools before including Twiddla.  Dabbleboard is a worthy competitor to the others, and has moved into position as my favored web tool for this purpose.

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