Details Make All The Difference In Sales

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The Details Make All the Difference In Sales Results

Tools are making your online activity easier and more effective every day…or are they?

Social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, and websites have all become required to succeed in the market today. You are trying a bit of everything, hoping that you have done it right and that the results will be forthcoming.

There is a quote from the management guru Peter Drucker that serves as a good reminder when you are using all of these tools and techniques, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Another of my favorites is: “Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it.” – Marty Rubin

Over the last week, I have been knee deep installing Google Analytics, heatmaps, and other measurement tools on three different client websites and I was reminded how many of you do not have measurement tools in place, or if you do, are not using them to see if you are accomplishing your goals.

I decided to share a few of these tools that you could/should be using with your online presence.

Video has been hot this last year and is still performing very well. The challenge is that every platform measures and reports user interaction differently, so this video will give you the answers you need about

  • What does each platform count as a view?
  • How long should my video be?

 Most everyone knows about Google Analytics but very few know how to read and interpret the reports, and more importantly how to fine-tune their sites for better results. That is why this new web tool called Oribi is so helpful.

Oribi collects much of the same information as Google Analytics but presents it in a beautiful, graphical interface that is much easier to use for most of us. It is free currently, so if you are interested in getting good at analyzing and improving your site with analytics, Oribi is a good tool to check out.

Another tool for those of you that have a WordPress site is a tool called Monster Insights.  This used to be called Google Analytics for WordPress and was developed by the highly respected team at YOAST and was sold to another respected developer of OptinMonster and other plugins. Monster Insights will also connect with your Google Analytics account and provide helpful data right from within your WordPress dashboard.

Measuring what you do in business is important and we all know we should do it but sometimes we just don’t know how. The information and tools in this post should go a long way in helping you measure your online activities.