Dialing for Dollars Web Tool

Dialing for Dollars Web Tool

Is dialing for dollars still relevant in your sales environment? Are you in an industry where success is dependent on calling out on the phone to large numbers of people?  Don’t miss an exclusive offer for Fill the Funnel readers at the end of this post.

When I led the Large Corporate Accounts (LCA) inside team at Dell, my sales reps were tasked with making as many phone contacts as they possibly could to both existing customer as well as prospective customers. This was a Business to Business activity with 300 sales reps calling out to accounts with 2,000 employees or more. What I would have given to have this web tool available to me while at Dell.

A quote from respected sales research and consulting firm CSO Insights sums up the problem that SalesDialers is built to resolve:

” 96 percent of a sales reps time when making outbound calls is spent dialing, leaving voice mails, navigation phone trees, and talking with gatekeepers.”

SalesDialers.com logoSalesDialers is a dynamic and feature rich web tool that you access via the Internet from any computer. The power dialing software dials up top to 400 (LIVE) calls per hour which means that you talk to a lot of prospects or leads very fast.  SalesDialers leaves a pre-recorded message (in your voice) on all answering machines it reaches if you choose, so it is very effective at contacting leads.

I know that right about now some of you are thinking “I hate these things! Politicians inundate me with this computerized voice telling me to get out and vote and hopefully vote for them.”  This is not that kind of technology. SalesDialers automates the dialing process, not the call itself.  Your sales reps are still talking to each individual client/prospect personally, for as long as necessary, providing excellent customer service along the way. They simply do not have to go through the tedious process of looking up the phone number, dialing the number and then waiting to discover whether a live person answers or it rolls to voicemail.

Here are some of the key features of SalesDialers:

  • Quad Line Power Dialer – the four-line dialer calls out at a blazing speed of 400 (LIVE) calls per hour.  Based on the latest technology the dialer has the best call quality on the market.
  • Ability to change the number of lines on the fly – If you have a list of appointment leads you can dial just one number at a time instead of four.
  • Change the caller ID to any number at any time – This is useful if you have called a list multiple times. Simply change the CID number to another number or even a local number to increase the pick-up rate.
  • Rerun your call-backs – through the system as many times as needed to filter down the prospects that are truly interested.
  • Filters out no answers, busy, disconnected numbers – which allows you have only live prospects on the phone continuously.
  • Leaves pre-recorded messages – on answering machines in your voice while you’re talking to prospects.
  • Send an email template – that you easily design to fit your industry and your prospects.
  • Schedule and send a series of emails – (drip marketing) to your prospects to stay in touch with them throughout the sales process.
  • Email blast – send relevant email  to all the leads in a campaign at once.
  • Real-time tracking – immediate notification when a lead opens your email and be able to call instantly and automatically.
  • Track the lead from cradle to grave – flexible reporting and history for all sales activity and status
  • Time zone protection – ensuring that you are not calling someone outside their business hours.
  • Entirely web based – no hardware to install.

Extremely flexible, it provides all of the core sales tools needed during an outbound call campaign.  Here are just some of the areas you are able to customize in your Campaign:

  • Unlimited number of campaigns.
  • Build campaigns around geography, product, customer status and more.
  • Select how many outgoing lines you will be using, options from 1 to 4.
  • Create and/or select your on hold messages,
  • Select your preferred message if the call goes to voicemail,
  • How much time to allow phone to ring before disconnecting
  • Elect to send an email or not, and if so, which email template you want to send.
  • Decide whether you want to automatically send email when a voicemail is left.

Additional features  include:

  • Email templates
  • Voice mail recordings
  • Activity history and reporting

Special Offer Graphic

Pricing: $149.00 / month per seat with no contracts.

As a special offer for Fill the Funnel readers, SalesDialers is waiving the setup and training fee – a $100.00 savings. Click here or on the Special Offer Graphic to receive your special offer.

Point to Ponder – this is a web-based tool, allowing you to manage sales reps across a disperse geography and time zones while maintaining full visibility to the results and activities.  Think about the possibility of expanding your sales force enabled by this web tool.  Successful implementations are already field tested and in place now.  Gary Prado, the CEO of SalesDialers has shared improvements in several industries in the 250% to 400% range.  This is not going to do your selling for you, but it is guaranteed to get you talking with your customers at a rate that you have never experienced before.  Are you ready to handle the business?

This is a technology that is best understood when you see it live and in action.  All registered Fill the Funnel subscribers will be invited to a live presentation of SalesDialers by email before the end of the month.  If you have not signed up yet, click here to receive announcements and schedules of future Fill the Funnel events.

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