Dropbox Ups Its Game With Dropbox Business Edition

Dropbox Ups Its Game With Dropbox Business Edition

Dropbox has become the gold standard for online file storage in the professional crowd. Up until now, it was focused on personal use as an individual account with storage capped out at 100 GB if you paid for the Pro version. That all changes with the introduction of Dropbox for Business.

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox now has available a new option that promises to be a huge value to sales teams and companies called Dropbox for Business. Priced at $795 per year for up to five users, with the ability to add additional users to the account for $125 /user / year selecting this option will provide significant and expanded functionality including:

  • Unlimited storage for the account
  • Enhanced Security
    • Unlimited file recovery
    • Unlimited version history
    • Prevent sharing outside of the team
  • Team Management
    • Track logins, devices, and locations
    • Centralized team billing
    • Easily add and remove members
    • Single sign-on and Active Directory integration

With Dropbox for Business, syncing and sharing files and folders across all your devices and with team members is simple, secure and fast. Dropbox syncs your important work across all your devices and lets you collaborate securely with your team, access older versions of your documents, and even restore deleted files.

  1. Easy sharing among employees, vendors and clients
  2. Strong security, including 256-bit AES encryption
  3. Permissions management from the admin console

For those of you in management roles, you can now manage your team with administrative tools.

From the admin console, get visibility into everything that is in your Dropbox for Business account, including member details, recent activity, devices and apps that are linked, and web sessions. Easily message all members and set folder and file sharing levels. Check if members have enabled two-step verification, and send reminders or a password reset email if necessary.

You have always been able to share a file or folder but it was cumbersome at times for those that are not tech-savvy. Now you have the ability to share folders from the account level, making collaboration a snap.

When you share a folder with your colleagues, it feels like you’re sharing a computer. All of your project files will be in one central place and any member of the folder can save changes directly to the shared copy in an instant. Admins can also determine if colleagues can share outside of the Dropbox for Business account. This works well for sharing files internally, but consider the advantages of sharing specific folders with outside business partners, channel or vendor teams that are supporting your efforts and even with customers on specific projects or sales activity.

With Dropbox for Business, you gain all of these new capabilities and increased storage while retaining the ease of use, performance and security that have made Dropbox the gold standard. Don’t forget that every file you have in Dropbox is available not only from your desktop or laptop, but from any internet-connected device and the apps for your Android or iPhone or tablets make it very convenient.

Here are some resource links to help you decide if you should be investing in and upgrading to Dropbox for Business:

  1. Features overview
  2. Video tutorials
  3. General resources page
  4. Fact sheets

Recommended Actions:

  • Explore the benefits of Dropbox for Business with the links above
  • Check how much storage you are currently using in your personal account and how close you are to hitting your limit.
  • Calculate the productivity gains if you have all your online storage in one place, managed centrally, without storage limits and act if appropriate.