Eliminate the Time Zone Confusion No Matter Where You Are

Eliminate the Time Zone Confusion No Matter Where You Are

Time zone confusion has probably caused me more missed meetings, phone calls and web meetings than every other reason combined. East Coast, West Coast, Daylight Savings give me a headache. Then add in the challenge of scheduling for a worldwide audience on a webinar or conference call and it becomes almost impossible to get it right.

Enter today’s web tool located at EveryTimeZone.com

everytimezone screen

This image is only a portion of what the beautiful screen will show you your current time in green, as well as your current time zone in green.  Other major cities around the world are listed down the left hand side. Your local time indicated in green can be moved forward to a specific time for you and then indicates the time in those other cities.

I was in awe during a recent training webinar I was presenting when I was watching the attendees arrive into the GoToWebinar panel. I asked people to type in where the were joining us from and then opened EveryTimezone.com on another monitor. People were literally attending in the middle of the night and in the early morning hours. A very humbling experience and significant motivator to nail the training.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Visit EveryTimeZone.com and bookmark it for future reference.
  2. If you have a national or worldwide territory keep it open it a tab so it is always available.
  3. Share this link with your friends and customers so they will never miss an opportunity due to time zone confusion again.

This will win the award for the shortest post in Fill the Funnel history but words are not necessary – just try it.


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