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Email Is Still The Powerhouse!

Ever wonder why your inbox is always jam-packed? Simple answer is:  Email is still the powerhouse

Email works!

Don’t believe me? Every credible source is telling you the same thing.

The respected McKinsey & Company recently shared (italics mine) this:

“E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.”

From the comments and questions coming at me in every presentation and broadcast I have done already this year, customer acquisition is the #1 goal for sales leaders in 2015. If it is that important it makes sense to use the best tactics, tools and training to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Social selling zealots are yelling at anyone within earshot that Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are the new way to acquire customers. Anything else is out-dated, stale and just not effective.

For the record –

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Email is still significantly more effective than all social media channels combined![/inlinetweet] The facts are irrefutable.

email most effective

Let me be clear. I love social media. It is a phenomenal way to market, listen, learn and gain exposure and credibility in your market and industry. It has served me well in my growth plans. If you are not following me on Twitter, do that now. I promise I’ll make it worth your while. And yes, it does generate sales for many.

My point is that sometimes, the herd gets so worked into a frenzy that everyone abandons what is working now. Don’t kid yourself, the loudest voices you hear touting social selling, are those with something to sell you. Books, consulting, speaking gigs are in play. Search “social selling” on Amazon and 68 books pop up. Conference planners are being bombarded with offers to present their ideas. Yet, the most effective and proven approach is email but no one is on stage helping you learn best practices. Only face-to-face, in person communication has yielded stronger results for me.

Tech has not left email behind either. Automation available within the leading email tools can improve your effectiveness, impact your speed of response and dazzle new customers.

Add-on tools that can help deliver the very best messaging, content and image are plentiful. One of my favorite tools to add value to my sales email activity is YeswareThis is not only an extremely effective time and productivity-enhancer, they provide terrific  resources to get the most out of your email efforts.

Here are some examples from Yesware to get you started:

Tools are just that – tools. Use them responsibly, and within the accepted guidelines of the email industry and you will prosper.

This is the first in a two week series in which I will share tools, tactics and training guaranteed to help you master the art of sales emails. If you want to up your game with email success, bookmark or subscribe and get the inside scoop. I promise to surprise you.

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