One Of The Most Effective Ways To Gain More Customers

One of the Most Effective Technologies To Gain New Customers

Are you ready to dig into one of the most effective technologies for gaining new customers?

Exit Intent Technology and Pop-Ups

Don’t let the terminology intimidate you. It sounds complex but it is actually straight-forward and very easy to implement once you understand the idea. The technology monitors your visitors’ mouse movements. When the cursor moves towards the upper right corner of the screen, it interprets this as an “exit intent”.  Just that simple – it assumes they are about to leave your site because that is where the “X” close button is.

When the technology first appeared, this opened up a whole new way to communicate with your website visitors without interrupting them during their visit to your site. Now you could show a message to a visitor when they were about to leave the website. This gave you one more shot to convince them to stay, or buy something, or to subscribe to your newsletter or download an eBook. All the effort and money you have invested in bringing visitors to your site becomes more profitable when your visitors take action in one form or another, while the visitor decides to spend more time on your site and connect on a deeper level.

Three Key Rules to Get the Best Results From Pop-up Use

Pop-ups have a lot more in common with TV ads than we’d like to admit. They’re interruptions. They are, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them in a smart way that can help us grow our business faster than those people who are not confident that they have something valuable to offer.

So, how the heck do you use pop-ups like a pro?

  1. If you use a pop-up, make sure people see it.  What’s the point of using a pop-up that it’s so small or blends into your website’s background so good that people don’t realize it’s there? If you’re going to use a pop-up, make it pop. Neil Patel, the content marketing guru, takes this very seriously. His exit pop-up is something called a ‘page take-over’. It’s huge. It covers the whole page. It’s orange. There’s no way you’re going to miss it. Wisely though.
  2. Show the pop-up at the right time.  In digital marketing, like in everything in life, timing is everything. Setting the right trigger for your pop-up is highly important for its effectiveness. The most popular trigger is time spent on site. If you set your pop-up to appear in the first seconds after the visitor reaches your website, you’re going to scare them off. They’ll think, “well, if I get a pop-up in the first 2 seconds I’m here, how many other will appear if I stay to read this article?”. The best time to pop your message appears to be after 25-35 seconds after the user reaches the website or when they want to leave.
  3. Offer something of value.  If you interrupt those reading an article or checking out your services, you should do it to offer them something that would make the interruption worth it. And if we’re talking about an exit pop-up, what you’re offering needs to be the best possible thing the visitor could ever imagine getting for free but is also relevant to what they were just reading about. You should always strive to offer something of value to those visiting our websites and blogs, but when it comes to exit pop-ups you really need to step up your game. Remember that we’re dealing with people who landed on our website, took a look, hopefully, read something you have written and are now headed for the exit.

Somebody that does an amazing job at getting those who headed for the exit to subscribe to their newsletter is Lewis Howes. What he does with an exit pop-up is brilliant – he gets you sign up for his email list by offering you a deal you can’t say ‘no’ to; because let’s be honest, you’d prove you’re heartless if you click that close button. He says that he’ll donate $1 toward building a new school in Ghana if you subscribe. It doesn’t cost you anything, on the contrary – you get him to invest in something awesome.

Hopefully, I have you re-thinking the use of popups to gain new customers. They work, and not using them in their many variations is simply costing you new opportunities.

One of the most effective tools to create and manage these pop-ups is ConversionLab.

ConversionLab Link

ConversionLab provides four different ways to get your offer in front of visitors. You select from a full-page takeover like Neil Patel uses, or an exit-intent like I use on Fill the Funnel or even a complete landing-page for your site. And if you share content from others in your field, you can even add a discrete promo pop-up when you share that content. It is easy to use, drag and drop visual builder, ful control over when and how often they appear and full reporting of all your clicks and visitors.

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Post your comments below to let me know if you’re currently using exit pop-upshow effective are they for you, and what else I should/could have addressed in this post.