Favorite Webtools for SalesMakers

Favorite WebTools for SalesMakers

My upcoming book titled “WebTools for SalesMakers” is nearing completion and on schedule for a fall release.  With so many new and exciting developments on this topic, I thought would ask for some help from each of you.

Which web tools, products and services do you consider a “must have” in your sales efforts?  Which tools are you using in your daily sales activities that are really making a difference?  Think back to a year or two ago and consider how your approach to prospecting, nurturing and developing your prospects and clients has changed.  Which tools do you want to check out that you haven’t had the time to explore yet?  They might include social networking tools such as LinkedIn®, CRM tools like Salesforce.com or email enhancement tools like Gist or Xobni.  Which tools have helped you increase sales, work more effectively, and maybe even enjoy the effort more?

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Add your recommended favorites in the Comments area below. Pass this along to others that you respect in sales and ask them to contribute.  Both SalesMakers and Sales Leaders, jump in and add your favorites to the list.

Beginning Tuesday,  September 2nd,  I will be highlighting a different Web Tool for SalesMakers each day for 30 days.   I’ve been compiling my WebTools list but I need your favorites to complete the project.  You never know, you might make it into the book!

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