Flipshare and Windows 7 Compatibility

Windows 7 and FlipShare Compatibility

The Flip MinoHD™ video camera has been a big hit.  There have been however, frequent searches from this blog’s Search window seeking more information about Flipshare and Windows 7 compatibility.  So if you are one that has been trying to get this to work, here is the link to download Flipshare release 5.05 (U.S. download only).  This version has a link to select either the Windows or Mac version.

According to Flipshare, this version is fully compatible with Windows 7 32 bit, but doesn’t appear to support 64 bit fully at this time.

I have upgraded both my desktop and laptop at this time and FlipShare seems to do just fine on either system now that I have this download installed.

Download the newest version now and send us the links to your creative sales videos.


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