Dashboard Helps to Get a Handle on All Your Social Web Activities

Dashboard Helps to Get a Handle on All Your Social Web Activities

Dashboards are an effective tool to visualize the overall activity within a business.  By combining a top-level visual guide to the current status of key metrics, along with the capability to drill down into each metric as far as individual transactions, a well-designed dashboard can yield powerful results.

The growth of applications, platforms and significance of the social web has created a need for a dashboard for your social web activities.  That dashboard is called Unilyzer.

Unilyzer was developed by Emilio Basaldua and the team at Eman Bass, LLC who have a well-deserved reputation in the Business Intelligence sphere.  They have been building enterprise class dashboards for some time and have transferred their expertise to Unilyzer and the Social Web marketplace.

Dashboards, by design are visual.  They turn mountains of data into pictures and symbols that we can interpret.

Main Screen for Unilyzer

Unilyzer Main Screen view

As you can see, there is quite a bit of data contained within one screen.  each graphic is clickable to understand the data behind it.  The beauty of a well-designed dashboard is that you are able to immediately see trends very immediately.  You have the ability to customize your dashboard to show the information and sites most important to you.  From this one screen you are able to view information in these time frames:

  • Current
  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year

You are viewing information from Google Analytics  on the left hand side-also fully customizable as to what you want to view such as visits, clicks, times and anything else that Google is tracking for you.  Unilyzer also provided me the ability to add Google Analytics on my Facebook Fan page for the first time.  Each social web presence is selectable by you as well as which type of information you want to track.  From the main dashboard, you are able to immediately see trend indicators of Up, Down or Neutral by the direction and color of the arrows on each chiclet.  From the sample screen you will see that the Twitter activity being tracked is all up or neutral.  Digg and Delicious are both showing downward trends while LinkedIn is neutral in the Current view.   Note the bottom of the dashboard the listing of your top keyword phrases as well as where how traffic is finding your site.

Each metric is fully customizable, selecting which measurements and sites with just a few mouse clicks.

Customizable Unilyzer options

Selection of which social web sites and tools you want to include is very straightforward.  The options are limited only by what you want to track.

Unilyzer Setup screen

You can even export out desired data into a spreadsheet for the visually challenged in your organization.

Unilyzer reporting

Unilyzer is a tremendously powerful tool that provides unrivaled social web reporting in an easy to understand way.  It automatically retrieves your data, streamlines your analysis, and provides the opportunity to maximize your online marketing activities. If you recognize the value of your social web strategy and tactics, and also value your time and productivity, Unilyzer is able to deliver on both fronts.

If you work at or run your own marketing agency, Unilyzer has a plan for you.  If you are a single company with only your own social web activity to measure, Unilyzer has a plan for you.  If you are an individual that understands the myriad of opportunities that your social web success can bring, you too have a plan.

Here are the pricing options for individual plans (Agency & Corporate Plans are available also).  Full description and free trial offer on signup page:

Unilyzer pricing chart

Unilyzer is a powerful tool that is making a difference for me in my activities almost immediately.  I am now able to provide this data as a service to my clients as an additional portion of my consulting portfolio. Clients of Fill the Funnel are able to receive the benefit of all of this information without having to manage the day to day.  If you have questions on Unilyzer, or any of the many tools that we have in our tool bag, just click on the red “Questions” tab on the left side of the screen.  Or click here to create your own Unilyzer account and discover what you have been missing.

Important Note to Fill the Funnel Subscribers:

With so many of the web tools covered in this series, we are excited to announce our Web Tools for Business Demonstration Summit in late October.  Most of the web tools creators are coming together for a multi-day online video event to demonstrate their respective web tools.  These will be broadcast on our new Fill the Funnel video channel and will be free to watch.  Schedule will be published the first week of October.  Make sure you are registered to receive the schedule of this first-ever 3 day event for Web Tools for Business.  Unilyzer and all of your favorites from the past month will be participating and several have special offers only available during the Summit.

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