Gist is Dead, Long Live Gist

Gist is Dead, Long Live Gist

Gist, one of my favorite sales web tools, recently announced it  is closing down as of September 15, 2012.


Gist_logoGist had something very powerful, productive and immensely helpful for anyone that values relationships with their contacts.  I have written about Gist several times since 2009, including it in many of my webinars and speaking presentations across North America for the value it brought to sales people, but now it is time to say goodbye.

Gist was acquired back in February of 2011 by RIM/Blackberry. Shortly after,  the problems with RIM began hitting the news. Delayed product updates, numerous changes in leadership, stock dropping like a rock and many long-time customers crossing over to the iPhone or Android smartphone alternatives. Bad timing it seems to me.

During this time, I had the privilege of getting to know many of the Gist team, partially because they were based in Seattle where I live, but mainly because these guys get it. They get relationship building, they get social, they get business development, they get marketing, and most importantly because they are great people.

T.A. McCann gathered an amazing collection of people and talent as he built Gist. Robert Pease is one of my favorite marketing guys, Greg Meyer is now a legend in customer service, Adam Loving is the genius behind and Jennifer Pitts never missed a beat with her communications and marketing outreach. Some of the team moved on after the acquisition, some stayed. Each of them is worth getting to know and connect with.


As far as what is coming for the remaining team, here is the link to the official announcement and goodbye.

Unfortunately, from my perspective, I don’t care. Blackberry was a critical part of my business life for almost 10 years, dating back to the original pager like device through the Blackberry Curve but no more. They have become irrelevant to me. They mismanaged at best and took for granted  at worst, one of the most loyal user communities ever. I hope for those I know from Gist that are remaining that things go well. If not, any other company would be well-served to look you up and hire you away.

Thanks for building and executing a very cool tool. I am excited to see what each of you have in your future, and…call me to give me the inside scoop!


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