Gmail-Most Powerful Web Tool in the World

Gmail-Most Powerful Web Tool in the World

Gmail ImageGmail is the most powerful Web Tool in the world?  Why would I make such a claim?  Google is omni-present on the web.  There are very few identified needs for business applications left that Google has not provided a solution for.  There are some pockets that they have yet to enter, but we all assume that they are at least being considered and explored.  Granted that they are not always the most refined solutions available.  Understandable when you understand the “always in Beta” mentality that Google has implemented.  I think of my early experience with Google Buzz and Google Wave.  Not yet ready for prime time, at least from my perspective.  But my claim still stands-Gmail is the most powerful Web Tool in the world.

At the core of that statement is this fact, you need a Gmail account to access all the other tools that Google provides.  You want to use Alerts to identify trends and breaking news for your trigger event tactics, you login with your Gmail account.  You want to use Picasa Web Albums for your photos, you login with your Gmail address.  YouTube login – Gmail.  You get the picture.  It is for this reason that I make the claim that Gmail is the most powerful Web Tool in the World.

During the month of  May, I will be sharing what I feel are the most helpful, useful and impactful Google Web Tools for your sales efforts.  I will describe the features of the tool, and then explore how they can be used to improve your sales results.  Amazingly, most of  them are available for free.  As you follow the series you will learn tips and techniques that I guarantee will add more sales to your sales numbers.  There will be surprises along the way, there will most assuredly be some “a-ha moments”, and there will be some tips that our readers will share along the way.  I have lined up some guest experts for this series as well and I know you will benefit from their experiences.

Our first post in the series will appear here on Fill the Funnel on Tuesday, May 4th.

To maximize the benefit of this series on your sales, you have a homework assignment:  create a gmail account.

If you already have one you are already on pace for an “A” in the class!  I hope you decide to join me on May 4th!  Want to receive each post in this series via email?    Subscribe to Fill the Funnel by Email

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