Google Adds Google Hangouts To Gmail Service

Google Adds Google Hangouts To Gmail Service

Gmail plus Hangouts Graphic

Gmail and Google+ Hangouts Combine.


Google announced that users with both Gmail and Google+ will now be able to initiate a Google Hangout Video chat right from Gmail. This will be replacing the video chat capability which was one-to-one only.

With this new capability will allow you to have video chats with up to nine people at a time, and the quality promises to be improved because it will be running over Google’s network. You might still be saying “So what, how will this add value to my day?”

Here are a few capabilities that might be of interest:

  • Users will be able to watch a YouTube video and share collaborative ideas by using the Share Screen option.
  • Chat is no longer limited to desktop users only. Your Smartphone and/or tablet will now be able to video chat through Gmail.
  • You could now be on an a call with a customer who has a technical question. You could initiate a Google Hangout with your customer, your technical team members and yourself and have the ability to view video feeds, share screens and interact with each other to resolve the issue.

It is not a cure for the common cold but is another tool that can come in handy when the need arises.  At the very least, add it to the list of reasons here or here that I have written about  earlier on why I recommend that everyone should have a Gmail account.

I hope to see you in a Google+ Hangout in the near future. To read more about these tools visit the official Gmail blog.


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