Google Analytics-Free Beginners Guide

Google Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a website or blog, you have undoubtably heard of and most likely installed Google Analytics. Once installed, it provides helpful insights about where your visitors are coming from, which keywords and topics are most popular, how long they stay on your site and if they visit one page and then click away. You can learn what percentage are viewing on a mobile device, what countries they are viewing from and which pages or posts are your most popular.

The challenge for many of us is that there is so much information, both wide and deep, that it can be intimidating to learn and understand. Because of this, we end up not taking advantage of the powerful insights available for free from Google Analytics.

After having struggling with this for years, I finally took a deep dive into the information that Google Analytics provides, and organized this new knowledge into a FREE eBook –

Google Analytics-Beginners GuideGoogle Analytics – Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Your Website

This 44 page guide steps you through everything from creating your free Google Analytics account, to adding your website(s) URL, to setting up the key settings, dashboards and more. You will learn each feature, showing screenshots of what to do.

From the information provided, you will finally understand what your visitors are finding, and sometimes more importantly, not finding on your site. You will learn why terms like Bounce Rate are so important, and what devices your visitors are using to view your site. Learn how you can take control and master all of the powerful information available to you as a website or blog owner.

I hope you will find it useful and that your newly discovered insights will propel your site success to new levels. I look forward to your feedback and hearing what you have learned.

Here is your copy of this free 44 page Beginners Guide to Google Analytics:

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