Google Buzz Connects the Dots With Social Media

Google Buzz Connects the Dots With Social Media

UPDATE: It seems that Google is rolling this out to Gmail users a bit slower than people would like. The message most users see is “We’re still rolling out Buzz to everyone, so if you don’t see it in your Gmail account yet, check back soon.” Let us know when you have access to Buzz in your email box.

With all the buzz about social media, have you ever wondered why Google wasn’t in the middle of it?  They have been nibbling around the edges and have assembled quite a collection of WebTools that integrate nicely, but have never been smack-dab in the middle of it all.  That all changed with the availability of Google Buzz.  Social Media and Google are now connected!

This video will give you the general idea:

If you have a Gmail account, you will have access to Google Buzz because it is now built right in.  Setup is the easiest you have ever experienced— you’re automatically following the people you email and chat with the most.  Plus, all the other things that you have been able to do with other Google apps including sharing videos on YouTube and photos using Picasa are also built-in.

Here are the basic features:

And if that isn’t enough to take care of your Google habit, you can also use Google Buzz on your mobile device including iPhone. I haven’t figured out Google Wave completely at this point, and now I get to learn Google Buzz.

I understand that it is being rolled out as I write this, so it might already be in your Gmail account.  If not, be patient.  For those of you who do not have a Gmail account yet all I can say is…”I told you so.”

Let us know what you think of Google Buzz and how it will help you in your sales efforts.

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