GoToWebinar Now Available on iPad

Now you can view a GoToWebinar session from your iPad.  You have been able to participate in a GoToMeeting previously, but with the newest version release – 4.8 Build 721 now available, you can catch those webinars via GoToWebinar on your iPad.  Until every presenter goes through the steps to upgrade their service you might have two versions of the app on your iPad.  You want the one with the v4.8 on the icon.

Both versions of GoToWebinar iPad Client image

Once you have the new version v4.8 downloaded you will enjoy:


  • You can now offer attendees the option of registering and joining your web events from an iPad.
  • If you are presenting from a Mac and have multiple monitor setup, you can now choose which monitor you want to share with the audience. This has been available on the PC side for some time.  It is a very effective way to switch back and forth between a PowerPoint Deck and a live website.
  • As you close your session, the audio conference  for both telephone and VoIP attendees also ends.  In earlier versions, attendees could continue to speak even after the session was closed.  Remember that Organizers can still utilize the conference numbers to host audio-only meeting without the screen-sharing component.


  • The ability to view the web event on your iPad requires you to connect to a webinar that has completed the upgrade, which will trigger a download of the new version to your iPad.  If you already downloaded the original GoToMeeting app, it will remain, and you will now have two icons on your screen, one with v4.5 and one with v4.8.
  • You have the ability to select either the “Phone” or “Mic and Speakers” option to listen to the web session.  The presenter may “un-mute” you so that you can share your ideas using either connection method. You access this option by selecting the gear icon in the upper right of the screen. Here is a screen view of the display when selecting the phone option:

GoToWebinar screen

  • At this time, you do not have the ability to enter your questions in a chat or questions box.  Both presenters and attendees should keep this in mind during the event.

To obtain the new version:

  • Go to AppStore on your iPad
  • Search for GoToMeeting
  • Select version 4.8
  • Install

Additional FAQ’s and information is available from Citrix Online or by clicking here.

I have listened to 2 webinars from the iPad already.  The iPad convenience makes it more flexible and more productive. Given the choice, I will use the iPad to for a webinar.  Let me know what you think.

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