GoToWebinar Team Uses Twitter To Win New Fans

GoToWebinar Team Uses Twitter To Win New Fans

We all have those moments in our week when a piece of technology fails. Earlier this week, I was in my GoToWebinar account setting up the next series of webinars for June and July and noticed a discrepancy in what I understood my account capabilities are and what was showing on the screen. Net result, Lance from the GoToWebinar Customer Service team took my call, answered my question, resolved the perceived problem and offered additional expertise that I will be able to use in future webinars.  Value-add and a happy customer!

Twitter has a corporate-level service for the big brands that allows them to monitor all Twitter conversations that include their chosen brand names, trademarks and key words. When I sent out a Tweet that mentioned that Lance at GoToWebinar did an excellent job, several executives and managers at Citrix/GoToWebinar receive the tweet, and Lance gets a copy as well.

Here is the Tweet that I sent out:

Here is a Tweet that I received back in less than 10 minutes from the GoToWebinar team:

Would you want to work for a company that provides this level of visibility up and down the organization?  Pretty cool huh?  Remember that the same thing happens if the message is negative.  As a business manager what is it worth to you to be this plugged in to your customers opinions of your company?

Another effective example demonstrating why I suggest Twitter might be the best business listening tool there is, and that if used strategically, will provide information that might otherwise have never been discovered.  How could you use this technology to improve your business results?  Do you know what your customers and prospects are saying about you and your company?  What are they saying about your competitors?

So if you want to let GoToWebinar know what you are thinking, just Tweet about it and the message will be heard loud and clear. Way to go Lance, GoToWebinar and Twitter for using the tools in a productive way.

How have you seen Twitter or other web tools used to deliver value?   Come on, give ’em up.  Who else is listening to their customers in innovative ways?

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