GoToWebinar/Citrix Announces Price Increases

GoToWebinar/Citrix Announces Substantial Price Increases Effective March 1st

Effective March 1st, the Citrix GoToWebinar team is raising prices on their extremely popular GoToWebinar solution.  Pricing will be increasing from $99.00/month and accomodates 1,000 attendees per session to $499.00/month for the same capacity.

The pricing structure is changing for all new GoToWebinar customers. You will be able to have up to 100 attendees in your Webinars for $99 per month. They have added a new mid-level option for up to 500 attendees at $399.00 per month or up to 1,000 attendees for $499.00 per month.

OPPORTUNITY: If you know of anyone who would benefit from GoToWebinar, now is a great time to encourage them to buy or sign up for a free trial.  Browse to and have them try GoToWebinar before March 1st.  If they become a customer at the end of their trial, they will only pay $99 per month or $948 per year for GoToWebinar with a 1,000- attendee limit. Please note that they must start their trial immediately and keep their account active in order to retain this pricing.  Please note that this is not an affiliate link.  I am not compensated in any way.  I just thought that you would like to know in the event that you are considering a webinar presentation strategy this year.

If you recall, I wrote about and recommended GoToWebinar as an effective solution in the past.  With the pending price increase, the choices in the $500.00/month arena are much more varied and offer some compelling features and capabilities.  I will be writing about many of these competitive webtools for online presentations, as well as updating  some that I have written about in the past.  If you are considering a traditional webinar, interactive web screen sharing or live streaming solutions, We will be writing about some of the newest, most innovative and effective WebTools to come along in quite some time.

I am curious to know what your decisions will be on selection and retention of your GoToWebinar account once the new pricing kicks in?  Will the competitors like WebEx and Cynocast react to this significant pricing action from Citrix?

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