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Heat Map Magic

Want to improve results from your website?

Heat maps provide amazing insight into what your site visitors are doing on your site and what actions they take. As importantly, they show you what your visitors are NOT seeing.

Heat Map Magic Website

The days of creating a website and expecting your customers to interact with it as you had planned are long gone. Using Google Analytics provides terrific insight but that alone only gives you numbers, percentages and links that they visited. Heat Map Magic is my new tool that provides you a visual record of every viewers visit. It shows you visually what viewers clicked on, where they scrolled to and saw. And my favorite feature is it records every visit  with all the scrolling, clicks, movement and navigation in a video.  A video you can watch and learn from to improve your site.

Here are the key features of Heat Map Magic:

Click Map


Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking vs. what “you think” they are clicking.

Are people clicking your images? Navigation? Primary or secondary calls to action?



Eye and Mouse Tracking


Watch how the visitor’s eyes are drawn to certain areas on a page.

Are they going to specific parts of the page you want them to? Do you need to redesign a certain element on the page to help draw their attention to it?



Scrolling Map


See how far your users scroll and where their attention fades or disappears.

Are they scrolling past your main call to action? Are they scrolling so fast that nothing is grabbing their attention?



Video Mapping

Video playback of your visitors actions. Imagine you are standing behind each visitor and observing each move, each click and scroll live, while they are on your WordPress site.

This feature alone will help you to improve your user experience dramatically, resulting in improved results for you. Never wonder if your visitors are seeing your most important information.



If you are going to invest the time and expense to have a website, doesn’t it make sense to understand what your visitors are experiencing? Once you install Heat Map Magic on your WordPress site, you will be armed with the information necessary to adjust, tweak and enhance your user experience. With the knowledge you will gain from using heat map technology, you can achieve dramatic improvements in clicks, signups and social sharing.

Heat Map Magic is a Software as a Service, paid on a monthly basis (yearly plans available). There is no long term commitment to be concerned with. You can learn more about Heat Map Magic here.

You know I always like to give special opportunities to my subscribers of the Fill the Funnel Tools Update. I am offering FREE installation services to my subscribers only, normally $99.00. This offer is only valid through the end of 2014. If you are not a subscriber, click here, get on the list and get Heat Map Magic installed for free.

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