How to Create Smarter Sales Communication

How To Create Smarter Sales Communication

What is the most inefficient part of the sales process? What is the area that causes the most friction on the flow of sale? While every company is different, most will narrow down their focus to one thing – Communication.

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Tellwise has created a sales tool that provides an elegant, powerful and easy to implement solution that is easy for sellers and enjoyable for buyers. It delivers on it’s goal of improving sales communication. Let me introduce you to

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When I talked with Conrad Bayer, CEO and Co-founder of Tellwise, I asked him why he created the sales tool and his answer told me what I needed to want to explore more.

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Tellwise improves communication throughout the entire sales process.

Note that I did not say that it improves the sales process for sales people. That is important. Tellwise improves the experience and removes friction for the seller AND the buyer. Improving the experience for both buyer and seller is an objective that I have not heard from other solutions.

When trying to explain how Tellwise is different, I explain it as a converged communication platform of email, messaging and analytics. It allows sellers to use tools like email and messaging to make their jobs easier, faster and more productive.

How is this accomplished? Not only does it create a more effective communication process, it tracks and prioritizes prospects, provides integrated real-time communication while analyzing and helping to improve message effectiveness at the same time through what they call Smart Messages.

Smart Messages provide:

  • The reach of email
  • The speed & presence of instant messaging
  • The audience control of social media and
  • The analytics of Google Analytics

This is all done without any apps, even on mobile devices. Email is no longer static. You can now do instant messaging, slide-sharing and learn what is being well-received by your prospect and what is not as effective and engaging. This ensures that your prospects and customer experience zero friction. The buyer experience is very smooth and enjoyable.

Tellwise is also very connectable to other sales and social tools. This allows you to start your campaign directly in Salesforce, Insideview, LinkedIn and many others in addition to working directly in Tellwise. You can send campaign information directly to a spreadsheet if that is helpful.

Tellwise is bringing marketing-automation like capabilities to you as a sales rep. It honestly has the potential to bring a whole new level of productivity to your sales efforts.

It works on desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones so it can be used anywhere you need to interact.

Imagine what is possible if you now have cross-company and prospect collaboration from any device at any time. If you want an app for your iPhone, there is one. If you’d rather work directly in your browser that is fine as well.

I’ve arranged for a special opportunity for my subscribers and readers to explore Tellwise without risk or cost. They will also provide a 30 minute personalized coaching session with each new Fill the Funnel reader that uses this link. Click and be exposed to the newest way to improve your communication in all aspects of your business. This is one that you really should not overlook or delay. Progressive sales teams like those at F5 Networks, Microsoft, Premera Blue Cross and many others are already getting results with Tellwise. Don’t be left out.

Now that I have been using Tellwise for some time, I can tell you that it is the real deal. It really is a game-changer for the sales profession. Give it a try – I recommend it whole-heartedly.