How to Generate Leads with Twitter and LinkedIn

How to Generate Leads with Twitter and LinkedIn

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Can you generate leads in B2B by using Twitter and LinkedIn? The best way I know to answer that question is to ask those that are actually doing it, using these social media platforms every day to generate leads, opportunities and win business. Real people generating real leads in real life. Leads are the lifeblood of every business. No leads, no revenue.

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Join us on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10:am Pacific to hear two people that are at the top of their game using LinkedIn and Twitter to book real business, putting real dollars in their bank accounts. This broadcast will be live video and audio via Blab and features Viveka von Rosen (@LinkedInExpert), the established leader in LinkedIn for sales and marketing, along with Jack Kosakowski (@JackKosakowski1) a top performer at Act-On Software who has established a clear leadership position in using Twitter to accomplish stunning sales results.

We are broadcasting live on Blab, so you will not only be able to see and hear these two, but we are leaving one of the four seats open to allow you to come on-air and ask your questions and share your thoughts live with us all. If you haven’t watched or participated on a Blab before, this will be a good one to see what the buzz is all about.

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Click there now and click the subscribe button so you will get a message reminding you when we go live. No signup, no registration, no cost.

There are plenty of people talking, writing and teaching how to use social media for B2B lead generation. Most are selling you theory and not actual guidance backed up by spectacular results. Both Jack and Viveka are both recognized as proven, straight-shooting experts in their field. If you want to hear from people that are achieving the results that others are only telling you about, you need to watch this broadcast on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern.

We have kept an open seat at the table for you. Bring your questions, the challenges that you are struggling with in your own activities. Jack and Viveka will give you straight-forward, actionable feedback that you can take to the bank. People pay big money to get coaching from these two – you are going to get answers for free.

This is scheduled to run 45 minutes. I promise you it will be the most informative, interactive, enjoyable and helpful 45 minutes you will spend this month. [tweet_box design=”box_02″]Join us and get the answers to the question: “How to generate leads with LinkedIn and Twitter”.[/tweet_box]

Gather your sales team in the conference room and watch this together. Fire up your speakers and webcam. Listen in from your phone. No matter where you are or what else you are doing – don’t miss this broadcast. It will be that good!



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