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You have worked hard on your website. It looks good, provides valuable information to your viewers and receives positive comments and yet you don’t seem to get the business you had hoped for.

One of the main reasons for this is that people are leaving your site too soon. Even Google has recognized this problem and has measurements they call “bounce rate” and time on page. Your site rankings suffer if these are too high.

The problem is that everyone looking at your website also has a bunch of other tabs open…Facebook, Email, Messenger and others.

Visitors arrive on your site for one of a multiple of reasons. That is a good thing! But then, they hear a ‘ding’, or an alert and they switch tabs to see what is going on. I do it, we all do it.

The result is that they have left your site, never having finished reading, reviewing and clicking on your offers. This lost traffic is costing you money.

I came across a simple, inexpensive tool that brings that traffic back, those viewers eyes back to your site. It is one simple line of code that works on any website including Clickfunnels and WordPress.

It takes about a minute to set up, one click to install, and you are bringing viewers back to your site.

Facebook and other big companies have been using this technology for some time and it is now available to you.

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