How to Open Your Web Apps Faster with Google Chrome

How to Open Your Web Apps Faster with Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been my preferred browser for some time now, primarily due to speed and efficiency.  The vast majority of my computer activity is now web-based applications versus those that I have bought and installed a license for.

As frequently as I open and close web apps, they are still a bit cumbersome to get to when compared to your downloaded applications like Microsoft Excel or Powerpoint.  With those you simply click on the icon and you are in.  To accomplish the same ease of selection as an installed application, there are several work-arounds and add-ins that work reasonably well, but when using Chrome you have an easy, effective and fast way to achieve this in a Windows environment.

Follow these six easy steps:

  • Open you favorite web app in your Chrome window.
  • Sign in and go to the page that you want to see first after opening.
  • Click the wrench icon in the upper left of your browser.
  • Select ‘Tools’
  • Select ‘Create application shortcuts’…
  • Select where you would like your application shortcuts to appear
    • Desktop
    • Start Menu
    • Pin to Taskbar

Here is a brief two minute video showing how this is done for LinkedIn:

Now when you want to open your favorite apps and start on your preferred page, just click on the icon. Save some time and improve your work experience – not bad.

What is your favorite trick using Google’s Chrome?

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