How to Reclaim 30 Minutes of Your Day

How to Reclaim 30 Minutes of Your Day

Wouldn’t you all want an extra 30 minutes of productive time each day?  AwayFind is a web tool that gives control of your inbox back to you.

I ran a poll over the last week asking two questions about your current use of email. You can view the results of the poll by clicking the View Results option at the bottom of each question.  With 126 responses to the poll, what you told me is that two-thirds of you spend at least 2 hours per day responding to email and that over 80% check your email several times an hour or constantly.

Consider this solution to reclaim 30 minutes or more per day of your busy life:

AwayFind watches your inbox in the background.  It notifies you when an important person or subject comes in.  You select to be notified by phone, SMS, Instant Message, a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter.  You can even decide to delegate or route certain messages to others that are better suited to take action anyway.

This video explains the key advantages and functions of AwayFind.

It’s like having a virtual assistant for your inbox.

  • No need to constantly check your email, AwayFind does that for you
  • Use their easy filters to tell you which emails you want to hear about ASAP
  • Be notified within seconds with urgent emails

Receive urgent messages wherever you’d like

  • Get a real phone call that reads your urgent emails to you
  • Get notified by AIM, Twitter DM, GTalk, Yahoo, or MSN
  • Your messages reach you or your co-workers in the method you prefer

You’ll hear about unexpected emergencies right away.

  • Don’t know what’s urgent in advance? No need to blast “I’m away” auto-responses to everyone.
  • Set your AwayFind auto-response to go out as infrequently as you like—from never at all, to once every 180 days, to every time. You also decide who gets the response—and who doesn’t.
  • Afraid of spamming your friends? People who don’t want another auto-response can opt out with one click.

If you find yourself interrupted by constant email during your most productive times, Awayfind might be an answer to your challenges.

Sales Leaders – what could your sales team do with another 30 minutes or more of selling time per day.

SalesMakers – If you are looking for that competitive edge to get you to the next level of success, this might free up the time to do so.

What will you do with the time you are able to save?

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