How to Use Twitter as an Effective Sales Tool

How to Use Twitter as an Effective Sales Tool

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Wednesday, April 20th at 10:00 am Pacific – 90 minutes in length.

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Sales people are finding it increasingly difficult to decide which social tools to use for effectively identifying and engaging with their customers and prospects. Expanding sales quotas and fewer support team members years combined with buyers that are overworked and busier than ever before make it necessary to select web tools that are best suited to support the sales person’s goals.

This live audio conference identifies the core capabilities offered by Twitter® and why they are ideally suited for use by sales people. You will learn how to create a Twitter® strategy, implement a step by step plan that utilizes all of Twitter®’s capabilities, as well as companion programs that extend the value and results of using Twitter®. Everything attendees will learn about Twitter® will be focused on the value for a sales professional. Learn how to listen for trigger words and events, build lists of prospects and customers, establish a reputation for expertise valued by customers, and how to extend your reputation well beyond your current base. By the end of this program, you will have a clear understanding of the terminology, tools and techniques immediately available to increase your professional sales success.



  • Statistics and Trends
  • Where we started from
  • Where we are today

Core Twitter Functions

  • Setting up your account
  • Maximizing your Profile for sales
  • Branding your Profile
  • Sending a Tweet
  • Re-Tweeting
  • Direct Messaging
  • Following
  • Unfollowing

Advanced Features

  • Creating Lists
  • Saving Lists
  • Favorites
  • Searches
  • Saving Searches
  • Hashtags (#)
  • Twitter Chats

Complimentary Tools

  • Aggregators
    • Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Tweetchat
  • Integrating Twitter into other Tools
    • LinkedIn
    • Website
    • Blog

Developing a Strategic Plan for Twitter in Your Sales Activity

  • Time Required
  • Measuring Results
  • Automating Activity Where Possible