If I Only Knew Photoshop

If I Only Knew Photoshop

Update:  03/02/2010  Congratulations to Picnik on the announcement today that Google has purchased the company.  Google has indicated that it plans to integrate the many Picnik features into other Google apps in the coming months.

Have you ever had this thought?   For those of us who are not artistic, do not have the patience or time to learn Photoshop and really just need to get an image tweaked and into your presentation or proposal before the deadline you know what I mean.  Or you are in your hotel room and need to do some photo work but your photo-editing software that you do know how to use is at your home office, not your laptop.  I hold those that are fluent in Photoshop in high regard.  We all need to know someone who is the Photoshop guru at some point but I do not have the time nor interest to learn it myself.  The guru never seems to be around when I need her anyway.  You will find the solution to this problem and many others at PICNIK.com.

Picnik is the award-winning photo editor that gives users fast, easy access to powerful editing tools from any computer platform using any Internet browser.  It’s brings photo-editing superpowers to real people.

You need to add Picnik to your “must-have” toolkit if you ever find yourself wanting to lighten, darken, crop, put some funky effects in place, or most importantly just do an overall cleanup of your photo. You can quickly and easily edit, enhance, share and print photos from your browser.  It provides one-click auto fixes, basic editing tools and special effects all of us beginners need, as well as sophisticated tools more serious photographers can’t live without.  It also integrates with just a click or two to your Facebook, Flickr, Box.net and many other online sites.

Picnik is available in either a Free or Premium version ($24.95 annual).  I have used the Free version with very positive results but once I got into the habit of putting my important photos through Picnik, I found that the upgrade to the Premium version was well worth the money.  WARNING-you can get sucked into a time warp when working with Picnik.  There are so many really slick features and capabilities you need to remind yourself to keep your focus.

Here is the feature chart for both versions:

You might not ever use all of the capabilities and features of Picnik, but the next time you are under a tight deadline to get your presentation or proposal finished and there is no Photoshop guru to be found, Picnik will save your day.

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