Images Sell and This Tool Will Create Images That Sell

Images Sell and This Tool Will Create Images That Sell

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Images help sell. No one will argue this point. The problem is that many of the images we would like to use are under copyright. This is a serious problem. Same goes with your presentations. Use an image you do not have the rights to and you are breaking the law. Compound this with the reality that many of us are not Photoshop wizards, or even own the tools to modify photos and graphics.

I discovered ImageSuite this morning while working on a project for a client. It is an incredible WordPress plugin which connects to the API of popular image sharing sites in a way that only fetches those images which are in the public domain and require no attribution.

What I realized after watching the demo video is that  it also provides some amazing editing tools to modify your selected image that are just as simple to use.  Included are text overlays with creative fonts, Instagram-like filters to add some great effects, frames and more. Plus, any of the images that you create can be downloaded, giving you the ability to use them in your PowerPoint or Keynote decks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

You’ve got to watch the demo video (about 6 minutes worth anyway) and the lightbulbs will go off immediately. When I am putting together a presentation deck I usually spend the biggest chunk of time on the graphics and images to get the biggest impact and get my message across. ImageSuite is going to save me a HUGE amount of time.

The developer is also offering a new WordPress theme if you are interested, but I have enough of those so I just ignored it.

If you don’t have a WordPress site yet, we need to talk. Some of the most innovative, creative tools development being done online is on the WordPress platform. You are missing out if you don’t have a WordPress site of your own, but that is a topic for another post.

I bought a copy, and have already begun using it for future posts on Fill the Funnel and New Tools for Business.

Watch the video and see for yourself why I am so supportive of ImageSuite and its many features. I have used several other products from this developer and am comfortable recommending him and his tools.

Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments below after watching the video.

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