Impactful Video on LinkedIn Profiles

Impactful Video on LinkedIn Profiles

Making an impact with your LinkedIn® Profile is clearly a goal shared by most of us.  With over 44 million users now on LinkedIn, Profiles are all looking pretty much the same.  If you have read any of the leading books on the subject (I recommend both Jason Alba’s “I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?” and Lewis Howes’  “LinkedWorking” both shown on the right hand column) or attended one of the hundreds of webinars or workshops that are available from the current crop of guru’s, you will have implemented most of their recommendations.  It is more and more challenging to stand-out, to attract the attention of those that you seek to connect with.

An area that is still in the early stages is the incorporation of video into your Profile.  The focus of our work at Fill the Funnel is introducing and training on the use of WebTools with a sales purpose.  I want to share an effective, well-done example of including video that is driving sales activity by utilizing Google Presentation (Docs)  from within LinkedIn.

Chad Collett is the Vice President of Marketing at WOW Logistics, based in Wisconsin.  WOW is a warehousing and distribution company with warehouses across Wisconsin and other regional locations.  They have the largest amount of warehousing space in Wisconsin, with their two largest customer segments being dairy and paper products.

Chad is the champion of LinkedIn and other social networking activities within his company.  He has held training for the executives and sales teams within the company to utilize social networks to their advantage. His goal was to grow himself professionally as well as his company.  Chad has two videos. each  focused on a key customer focus of dairy and paper products.  He features one video at a time on his profile and swaps between the two on a regular basis.  Chad measures the impact from these videos using Google Analytics and has seen direct links coming from his video posts. Chad shares the results from his videos on his company website traffic:

“Visitors to our site come from these sites in order:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing
  4. LinkedIn

The results speak for themselves…the video drives measurable traffic to our company site.”

View Chad’s Profile and see how effective video can be in your profile. Share your Profile links with video below in comments for our readers to view.

30 WebTools in 30 Days launches September 1st

Make sure you are subscribed to our site to participate in our 30 WebTools in 30 Days blogfest.  During the month of September, we will be providing an introduction and overview of 30 of the most innovative and useful WebTools available for SalesMakers.  The technique discussed above using Google Presentations will be shown in detail in addition to 29 other WebTools.  Even if you are not in sales, you will benefit from learning about tools that are being used in business development, lead-generation, cold-calling,  prospecting, client acquisition, management and retention.  These tools work whether you are a solo entrepreneur or selling for one of the big boys.  You will be able to read (or listen via Odiogo) to the post each day beginning Tuesday, September 1st.  If you are serious about your sales career and would like to get deeper information, special offers from many of the WebTool providers, view video demonstrations of many of the tools presented, and receive special offers for upcoming web events and live events in your area, sign up below for the 30 WebTools in 30 Days.  Make sure you get your teammates and friends to sign-up as well.  It promises to be a productive investment of your time.

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