Increasing the Odds of Getting Your Email Message Delivered

Increase the Odds of Getting Your Email Message Opened with KinetiCast

Increasing the chances of getting your email message opened by a prospective customer is highly desirable.  Accomplishing this is one of the most efficient productivity gains you can achieve.  Then, increase the impact of your message with a memorable delivery and the ability to track the interest of the recipient and you have something that you cannot afford to ignore.  I just described  the web tool from a company named KinetiCast.  Here is an MSNBC Video explaining Kineticast.

KinetiCast is easy to use online presentation software that enables you to  deliver your message at any stage of  the sales process from cold-calling through to after sale follow-up and tech support.

Three simple steps and you can be reviewing the results of your efforts:

  1. Create a Presentation – for most of us this means Powerpoint or some other slide creation package. One of the reasons that I liked KinetiCast is that I already have a ton of content that has proven effective in my Powerpoint folder, allowing me to re-use much of my most effective work as the core or base of my message.  With KinetiCast, I can now include live links to other important reference information, PDF’s, websites, files, etc. if the customer would like to dig deeper.  Then you overlay the impact of full-motion video if appropriate and you have the ability to deliver a message that is not only easy to deliver, but also tremendously effective in generating action.
  2. Email to Contacts – is a straightforward process.  Once you are happy with your message, KinetiCast converts it into Flash, eliminating the concern of compatibility with the recipient.  The message is sent using your own email address, alleviating the hesitation by the recipient of opening an email from a generic or mass-market email service.   Your customized message is delivered as a link, rather than the troublesome attachements and blocking of graphics by spam filtering.  One of the first advantages I discovered is that I no longer have to struggle to get a large powerpoint file through the email filters.  Time saved and ease of delivery is appreciated by you and your prospect/customer.
  3. Track Viewer Behavior – this is where it gets interesting!  KinetiCast is able to provide real-time feedback and analytics about the status of the email and the actions taken by the recipient.  It provides you visibility into:
  • When the message was viewed
  • How many times it was viewed
  • If it was forwarded to others and if so, how many times
  • How much time was spent on each slide.
  • NEW FEATURE:  Each time there is an action taken with your message, you can receive an email outlining what has occurred.  Real-time intelligence updates on your most prized messages – how cool is that?

Think about the productivity gains realized if you or your sales team had this information available to them.  You would be able to prioritize your follow-up efforts – contacting only those that had opened your message, while knowing which sections were of the most interest to them.  Those contacts that opened the message, viewed it several times, spent extra time on a specific slide and then forwarded it to others would be the highest priority on my activity list!

This webtool is very flexible and rich in features and does so in a straight-forward fashion that most of us can leverage. integration is an option with the preferred plans. With the addition of products like a quality webcam ( I recommend the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 – Black -Amazon affiliate link)  which provides HD level video and microphone  you will be able to customize your message with quality and style.

KinetiCast pricing is similar to other presentation tools available,  offering  a 15 day trial period at no charge.  Here is how the standard pricing options lay out:

SPECIAL OFFER for Fill the Funnel Readers

The KinetiCast team has extended the following exclusive offer to readers of Fill the Funnel for a limited time:  By using the link below, Fill the Funnel readers will receive a 30 day Free trial of KinetiCast, and will receive the Preferred Plan at the reduced price of $24.00/month for as long as you keep your account.  (As an aside, this is not an affiliate link.  I do NOT charge vendors to review their products).    So, you receive 30 days to try it for free and if you get the results you are looking for, $24.00 per month forever.

Here is the link to capture this Special Offer for yourself : Take advantage of their generous offer and try KinetiCast on your next opportunity.

I will send a $20.00 Starbucks Card to the person who sends the most effective KinetiCast email message to me at and publish the winner message here on the blog in April.  Let’s see who is putting these powerful webtools to use!

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